aocd Jun 10 @ 9:59am
i need to know games with achievments of letters
i wanted to get a "up" on my steam profile and i saw this really cool thing that this guy where he took the "achievment showcase" option on his profile and spelled out his name with achievements of letter. So lets say his name was "coconut", he would get the achievment showcase and on the little squares there were achievments with the icon as letters of the alphabet. i hope somebody tells me some games were the achievments were letters. The one that i saw one time was a game called something along the lines of "F... ! X" and there were multiple versions of this game every single one starting with F.
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Robin3sk Jun 10 @ 10:07am

This one has a ton of letters.

Pretty much every letter and you also have numbers.

Shown here...

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Originally posted by Robin3sk:
Shown here...
Heck yeah I got referenced :tgrin:

The entire Zup! series is good for that, but personally I recommend Zup 4 - Zup 7 as they have the nicest looking letter achievements.

If you want letter achievements with country flags as well, look into Oik series. LYNE also has letter achievements, but they look very plain.

Check this curator for a long list of this type of games:
darven Jun 10 @ 11:50am 
The entire Zup! series;
The entire Oik! series;
Line has pretty beautiful achievements with letters;
Rock 'n Roll Defense, they are black/red, though I don't think they are the most beautiful avaiable.

For a huge amount of options for each letter, see this guide:

I used monstercakes for mine. I had a few buy orders for the Zup series but it ended up costing too much, so I found something else :steamhappy:
sePL80 Jun 11 @ 5:00am 
LYNE also has letters as achievements. Great relaxing puzzle game, but it takes some time to get them. :happylaika:
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