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Hello folks,

it seems that Steam switched their CDN over to HTTPS.

I'm an organizer from a small LAN Party in germany and we did rely on a caching solution like Steamcache to save Internet bandwidth.


Will there be any possibility to disable HTTPS ?
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The fact that they pulled off this change right before the weekend without any warning is probably a good hint how much Valve cares for LAN organizers...
bonkers Apr 30 @ 2:49pm 
Yeah, I guess that's true ....

I tried the Steam Site Server the caching method from steam. But it is slow as ♥♥♥♥... never get over 3MB/s
Well, looks like I was too harsh on Valve because they did roll back the change and promised to make a workaround available before changing to HTTPS again:

Thanks a lot, guys
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so eu falo portuguess?
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