Sketchy011 Apr 11, 2014 @ 10:45am
Help trying to find a game?
New to Steam, and i'm thinking of trying either DayZ or Magick but i'm looking for suggestions. Mostly MMO but no endless grinding. Anyone??
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Aloha Rama Apr 11, 2014 @ 11:54am 
You should try Team fortress 2 it's f2p multiplayer and the default weapons give no disavantage so no grinding is needed.
Cashew Apr 11, 2014 @ 1:32pm 
Yeah, Tf2 is great.
I've played over 1000 hours and mostly use the free stuff.
Dota 2 is good to from what I've been told.
0_0 Apr 11, 2014 @ 6:46pm 
How about Rust? Game is a MMO and really fun taking place on a radiated island with other players while you try and survive by making shelter guns against animals or even players.

NOTE: Game still in development so is being updated all the time so right now there are bound to be a few bugs here and there.
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