MAU5 HOU5 2013년 4월 2일 오전 11시 28분
Looking for somebody with C# skills to be my mentor!
Have been into games, and computer hardware since i was about 5-6 years old and now i want to learn code and heard that C# on MS Visual Studio is the place to be! so I've downloaded VS and done some of the tutorials that MS put on their website and got the extremely basic stuff into my head but now need somebody to help me write code, and explain it to me so i can get a basic understanding of how everything works so i can continue to teach myself or even you help me as far as i need to go! Help would shape my future as this is what im considering learning for a living and am extremely willing to learn.... so HIT ME UP GUYS!!
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☠F☺celessMind☠ 2013년 4월 6일 오후 6시 26분 
google is one :)
also don't forget that here the coding is about the c++ api, c# is not require to develop on the source engine. the only hint I got for you is that you should define a mini project that is enough simple for the knowledge you already gets.
best continuation
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Sghirαtë 2013년 5월 17일 오후 5시 48분 
In general, I believe a good approach is to find small projects and tasks that are managable, but somehow require you to dive into "some" topic. Examples would be: Task List (Basic UI design, simple file management, Downloaders (sockets), Music Library (FileSystem related stuff, maybe database access and Linq, thid party [ID3 Tags] library usage), . . and so on and so forth . . .

- has some fantastic articles, focusing on a lot of different topics (be it Linq, Interop, WPF, Socket Programming . . . you name it, they have it).
- API documentation and hidden in between a lot of articles can be found on MSDN:
- When you hit a dead end, is the place to go.

rgds Sghi'
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ViTaL C0D3R 2013년 6월 8일 오후 2시 58분 
search thenewboston on youtube
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