Alsandair 2013年5月8日下午9:35
Games crashing randomly.
After the last steam update I have been getting hl2.osx has stopped responding on all of my games. If occurs randomly at different times. It's frustrating not being able to finish a game. It will freeze for about 2 seconds then... "hl2.osx has stopped responding". Also steam ingame overlay has also stopped working properly. I have to restart my imac about 10 times to get 1 game to load the ingame overlay. Even with the overlay working then it goes back to the crashing so I have to do the restarts all over again. It's been frustrating after the last update. Also I cannot join certain games, it will on css give a specific error V_append but on other games like tf2 and dod it will load all the way then crash, or it will work fine then in the middle of the game freeze about 2 seconds then crash. Anybody having these problems? Anyone know anyways to fix them?
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I had just done the recent update on TF2 and whenever I download any custom map, the game freezes and a error shows up saying

"V_AppendSlash: ran out of space on /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/download/maps"
Melinkov 2013年10月30日上午8:09 
This happens to me too now. On the 29th of october i was fine, playing all day. 30th october update kicks in, and after playing for 5 minutes on TF2 on a haloween server the game freezes, then quits without warning or giving me a reason.
pocketrockets 2013年10月30日下午7:11 
This also happens to me.
TendogAU 2013年11月1日下午5:28 
I am experiencing similar problems, would you guys mind posting your computer? I have a Mid 2009 Macbook Pro, and I'm running OSX Mavericks.

TF2 has been crashing for me since the 2011 Christmas update, and I have no idea why. I just tried it again yesterday, it worked at first, granted there was a lot of stuttering initially, and then within the first minutes of it running smoothly it froze and then crashed a minute later. I plan on figuring out how to stop the crashing and get TF2 working again.
Yea, this has happened to me also and still is, I conacted steam support about it. Btw, Anyone else getting a glitchy screen when the game opens after the valve intro?
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