roysche 2013年5月5日上午6:36
Will any lego games come out for MAC???
i have had a steam account for some time and i have not played anything that someone would consider a "real" game and i have been looking for ones i might enjoy and the only one i could find that i have played on PS3 was a lego star wars game and i was wondering if it or if any of the lego games will come out for mac at any point in the future?
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Janichsan 2013年5月5日下午1:07 
All LEGO games are available for Mac – they are just not on Steam.
roysche 2013年5月6日上午8:55 
thats what i mean, i am buying on steam cos all games are in one place and i will never buy games that require a disc to play.
Janichsan 2013年5月6日上午9:30 
引用自 roysche
... and i will never buy games that require a disc to play.
Then I have good news for you, since none of the LEGO games for Mac requires a disc to play. Even if you buy the retail disc version, you'll only need the disc for installation.
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roysche 2013年5月7日下午2:22 
i did not know that, thats awesome news
Brotherman Bill 2013年5月9日下午7:43 
You can also find them on the Apple App Store at generally inflated prices.
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