dammi 2013년 4월 11일 오후 3시 51분
CounterStrike: Mouseproblem
hi @ all,

i just started to test counterstrike 1.6 on steam. the problem is, that i am not able to look around with the mouse - every time i try move about 2cm the crosshair gets back in its previous position. so im not able to aim! :-(

anyone knows this issue and has a solution ? im @ mac mini mid 2011 with AMD 6630 graphics

thanks in advance,

####### SOLUTION #########
m_rawinput 1
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dammi 2013년 4월 11일 오후 3시 56분 
on global offensive everything works fine..
Myriam 2013년 4월 11일 오후 8시 01분 
hi i have the same problem! :/
Myriam 2013년 4월 11일 오후 8시 01분 
i can play on CSZ but on CS nothing works with the mouse but i have the same configuration in the two games! :(
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dammi 2013년 4월 12일 오전 1시 36분 
damn it, i also activated beta updates, but it still does not work :-(
dammi 2013년 4월 13일 오전 4시 01분 
hey myriam! the solution is "m_rawinput 1" , type this into your console.
it is also possible to access this option through counterstrike ingame optionsmenu
Acé Abdul 2013년 7월 19일 오전 11시 07분 
Thankks dammi that fixed the problem for me too! I sometimes also get an error "file read failure" when i enter some maps or sometimes when I join dust2 it tells me that it's not the same as the servers.. wtf lol update please!
Ice Coldz 2013년 7월 20일 오후 5시 17분 
i was thinking that i just wasted my money buying this game for mac, like max payne 3.
dammi 2013년 7월 29일 오후 12시 09분 
Yeah, im glad this thread could help you. I'm still switching to my Windows-System for playing Counterstrike .. Mac is too buggy
Renegade 2013년 8월 13일 오전 7시 21분 
Actually, you can access this from the console options. Under MOUSE.

I had the same problem, I have never seen it before on any Windows computer though. I thought perhaps CS just wasnt going to work on a MAC, but was lucky I found the option.
Moyten 2013년 9월 1일 오전 5시 25분 
Write m_rawinput 1 in your console.
pörkölt 2014년 3월 30일 오후 2시 16분 
Thank you!
askEE2k в армии :D 2014년 3월 31일 오전 12시 04분 
thank you!
tofkop 2014년 4월 2일 오전 3시 31분 
Thx, solved it for me as well.
Rokas 2014년 6월 28일 오전 2시 22분 
Help, m_rawinput 1 didn't help at all!
[ K . S ] [ iMac ] 2014년 10월 20일 오후 11시 54분 
I checked the Raw input option. But still the mouse moment is not smooth to play as it is in windows. I am not really sure if the force acceleration is the launch will help much.
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