Ryshard 2013年10月16日上午5:53
Can't Play TF2?
Hi Guys,

I just downloaded Steam for the first time onto my:
Macbook Pro OS X
2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
4 GB
1600 MHz

I've now downloaded TF2 and it won't play. The Valve logo appears and then the Source logo and after that it just freezes and doesn't do anything.

Thanks in advance for anyone able to offer any advice.

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TheButler117 2013年10月16日下午8:19 
This happened to me too. I couldnt even get into the tutorial. I would like to know the problem with this too.
Perfect Player 2013年10月16日下午8:45 
Try validating game cache. TF2->properties->local files->veverify local content.
Also could you post your graphics card specs? [->About this mac->more info]
TheButler117 2013年10月16日下午9:06 
Intel HD graphics 4000 512 MB
Halo_Squatch 2013年10月16日下午9:08 
Same thing happens to me in SmashMuck
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