Halo_Squatch 2013年10月15日下午9:36
I just upgraded and am having a problem.
I just upgraded to 10.8.5 and now I can't play Smashmuck. My screen gets all crazy looking and I can't click on anything. Could the OS change have messed that up? Should I just deleted it and redownload?
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Mozart 2013年10月16日下午8:46 
What do you mean by "screen gets all crazy looking"? Are you usung retina macbook?
Halo_Squatch 2013年10月17日上午2:02 
No i'm not. the main part get isolated in the bottom left and the rest of the screen turns blue. The entire screen look ty dy and it's flashing non stop. This only started happening after I upgraded.
Mozart 2013年10月17日下午12:50 
Whats your graphics card?
Halo_Squatch 2013年10月17日下午6:14 
Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
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