maranello335 2014年3月12日上午10:51
Civilization 5 randomly crashing on MacBook Pros w/Retina
I run it on my regular MBP with no issues whatsoever. However, on my MBP Retina, it randomly crashes all the time, so I am saving every turn, so that I don't lose my progress.

A google search seems to indicate this as an issue with the Retina MBPs.

Does anyone know if this is a Steam or Aspyr Media (games publisher/porter on the MAC side) ? If there a fix?
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Anilas Agonizer 2014年3月12日下午1:09 
i dont own a mac
AspyrRyan 2014年3月12日下午1:14 
Have you contacted our technical support and supplied system specs, game settings, and crash logs?
maranello335 2014年3月12日下午3:37 
Not yet, thought I'd ask the discussion boards first.

I did see a thread from a year ago that you participated in about his very subject, but seemingly with no resolution. ->

Was there a resolution to this issue?

I will play the game to generate a crash log to contact support with.

System Specs though are: 2nd Gen Retina 15 (Late 2013) - 2.3GHz w/16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Dedicated Graphics (NVidia 750M)

引用自 AspyrRyan
Have you contacted our technical support and supplied system specs, game settings, and crash logs?
AspyrRyan 2014年3月13日上午10:05 
I don't know of any specific issues with the Retinas with the latest update. A crash log could tell us if it's a specific part of the game or drivers that's crashing, or if it's an out of memory issue that could be resolved by simply turning down graphics.
AixAixorcism 2014年3月17日下午6:27 
There is an issue with the Mac Launcher. It is an Apple issue, not a Steam or Aspyr problem. The way to fix this is varried. You can repair your game files (steam game library list) and see if that helps. Some times you have to go through the prossess of "unmasking" the library folders on the Mac (which is a whole tutorial in itself) then finding specific files and manualy changing them. It does work and its also necessary if you plan on downloading MODS later on too. It's worth it in the long run (not just for this game but for others - see YouTube for tutorials) but if it's too much, you can have a friend do it. I had the same issue With Civ V and after doing the above, it worked *SO* much better and I could now tinker with other game files, mods, etc. Way worth it. I had help from YouTube and a PC gamer friend. Best of luck.
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