Rezulux Jul 1, 2013 @ 7:20am
Func_smokevolume issues - SDK2013
Hey, I'm recently getting back into level design, and I'm trying to produce small smoke clouds to simulate dust or some sort of vapor emanating from grates in the floor, and func_smokevolume seems to be the right entity for the job, but in my experience so far, it appears to be a very finicky brush entity, and randomly not working at all.

In my situation, I have two groups of func_smokevolume entities. Both have the same exact settings and dimensions, they are simply in different positions. One group works fine, and while the other group seems to be rendering if I set mat_wireframe to 1, the particles are completely invisible. I've taken a series of screenshots to demonstrate what I'm seeing:

Grouping that works - normal view:
Grouping that works - mat_wireframe 1:
Grouping that doesn't work - normal view:
Grouping that doesn't work - mat_wireframe 1:
Both groups in Hammer:

Does anyone have any clue what the problem is?