Source Level Designers requried.
Hi there, if your reading this post then I’m assuming you are a Mapper.

My name is Dean, I live in the UK and have decided to bring an idea I’ve pondered on for a year to life.

About the Game:
It’s called The Contract, its about a young Hitman called Sebastian Borg employed by a government agency. This is a realistic game, you will see through the eyes of Sebastian.
So if he blinks, you will too.

On top of this, there will be no HUD! No magical map placements or health bars. Chances are if you get shot, you’re dead.

You will have to use speed, silence, wit and agility to navigate through the game and avoid detection to complete your contract. But if you get caught, its not game over; far from it!
Shoot and fight your way through security details to get the job done. But don’t think this is your normal Run N Gun, drop a half full magazine and its gone! No magical bullet counting.
Average equipment is a Pistol with a Suppressor and 3 Magazines.

Could you storm a 4 story Factory with that? We don’t think so.

Avoid CCTV, casting shadows and making noise. Our AI will be programmed to react to real life situations!

What we need:
We are really trying to raise the bar here, we are aiming at a high quality experience with stunning graphics and fun gameplay.
I am in search of Hammer Level Editors to help build this game on the amazing Source Engine, I’ve picked it for the in-depth AI, high quality graphics and just amazing titles that it has produced.

What we are doing:
Currently, I am building the team and require mappers that know Hammer and the Source Engine. We have a large ammount of concept and script writing work complete and have started on level design. Also, some 3D models have been completed.

This game will be built to sell, I intend on making everyone involved money. Be it a full wage from Funding applications or large compensation amounts from our revenue of sales. If you stick with us and the project gets completed, you will get paid. We will also look at Royalty shares. But are intention is KickStarter Funding then selling the game at Alpha stages.

How we are doing it:
Regarding team work, we are using an online team management system where everyone is able to login, view their tasks/milestones and report back.

Devs are able to comment on features and post suggestions/bugs as we go through the project. All game files will be uploaded to this online management system for ease of access but some certain files will be restricted via permissions as required.

What we expect:
I am not asking for you to devote your life here, just a few hours a week. Also, I’m not expecting leet programmers from around the world to drop at my feet. If you’re new to Hammrt, give us a shout. We will be happy to see how you can contribute and get you on board. We currently have three level designers working on various stuff. From single player missions to cinematic scenes.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this!


Dean Day

Project Name:
The Contract

Project Website:

bravo-81 – We need all of our team to use Skype!



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I've had many notifications of replies to this thread but I can't actually see any. Please, if you have commented email me instead - Thank you!
What will you be doing?
I am running the position of Project Leader, Writer, Level Designer, Music Composer and Website Developer. I'm also learning 3D modeling later this year and next year too.
If you can do all these things. Why do you need a team of 20 people to produce a simple mod?

This is Exterminatus. A Warhammer 40,000 mod for Half Life 2. My friend Chrome has built this mod all by himself.

I don't understand why you need this huge team of people to create a simple mod.

Why dont you actually build some beta levels yourself and then release them. That way people will get a better idea as to what you are trying to build and you can establish some kind of gameplay.

Assembling a huge team of people for a mod you haven't even built an alpha version of yet just seems like you're trying to inflate you ego as a project leader.

Sorry if this is not what you want to hear but unless YOU are able to build a working version of the game alone then this mod will never be completed and never be released.

Look at this mod:

It collpsed becase they had no idea what the game actually was.

They had great art work, music, a story etc.. but they were missing one vital thing...

A game!

Go and create a working early beta of the game by yourself. Once you have a fun working version of a game that people actually want to play then you can think about bringing in some artists.

Otherwise you're just wasting everybodies time...
This isnt going to be a mod, this is going to be a full game. From scratch, without using any of Valves already created mdoels, textures etc.

The fact is that this is going to be a completely different experience from all the other games and mods created by Valve. It requires alot of player functionality to be programmed including extras such co-op play and multiplayer.

If I was able to go and build this on my own, it wouldnt be worth buying.

I've not listed everything you will be able to do in game, nor will I be. The Dev Team are managed using an online gateway and everyone has full acess to the games story, functionality and outcomes.
Also, I can't see any other projects you've completed before on Mod DB. Can you show any prior games or mods you've released?
I've worked on a previous mod before, was Paintball Source.

Was a long time ago, plus my map de_industrial_beta:
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