DerANKPepe Jun 24, 2014 @ 7:55am
source SDK help please
Hello i resently thought of making a Garry's Mod map seeing as i am going to be without internet for a few days. I thought i could use this time to make a fun map for my friends and i to play on. The problem is that when i open source SDK it cant find the materials. I have watched a few vids and still can't fix it. When i launch it for Half-Life 2 on 2009 version then it also can't find the textures or materials. I have Half-Life 2 installed via steam if that might be your first reply and i redownloaded the game last night just to make sure it in right place. Please contacat me with help befor Friday the 27th midday Londen time. I must say steam has a awesome community.
P.S: English isn't my home language so please excuse some gramatical or spelling errors.
Kind Regards
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Bad_Motha Jun 24, 2014 @ 8:38am 
For anything related to Source Engine games like HL2, CSS, Garry's Mod; you should install all available "Source SDK" tools listed under Library > Tools in Steam Client.

Here is useful tips for getting Source SDK + Garrys Mod working together properly.
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