Buzzerker 12 kwietnia 2014 o 14:51
Will Linux ever replace Windows as a viable alternative? Can it be done?
Microsoft has a practical and a realistic monopoly on the Operating System of every desktop in the world except for a few that run on Linux. I have heard little and read even less about the upcoming Steambox that supposedly runs on Linux. I wonder if it is true? and if so will this OS ever be a potential alternative for serious gamers and by serious I mean anyone who has close to 200 or more games on Steam , Origin, Games for Windows Live or anyother of these game managers Steam of course is the easiest and safest to use IMAO. I don't really like the idea of the Steambox because with a gaming rig you build with your own two hands you have more control over what is in it and how much it costs , what it can do , how well it performs and you can learn how to make it better or upgrade it at will. Steambox sounds like a console on steroids , I could be wrong but who can tell until it actually comes out. What do you , Steam community , know about this issue? reading all these posts under mine , things do not look so bright.
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Buzzerker 30 maja 2014 o 7:33 
Tools and Servers> it says it above it is the correct place for it. Linux being a tool and I forgot about it until you put your post up. if I put it where you suggest it will be generalized and not specific. So what does it matter anyway ? It seemed important at the time , (I will probably get banned for posting this ) , but now it does not seem so important as it will probably take many years for it to happen and I think Microsoft would try to stop it in some way if it was perceived to impose on the 'virtual' monopoly they currently enjoy.. Maybe a completely new form will emerge better than both Windows and Linux, who can say?
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Buzzerker 30 maja 2014 o 7:38 
I have seen your handle many times , are you a moderator of some sort ? Do you have anything to do with the Linux OS?
Buzzerker 1 czerwca 2014 o 13:10 
why don't u post one. You sound like you think you know something so share it. I'm just some dumb ♥♥♥ for you to correct.
Buzzerker 1 czerwca 2014 o 13:11 
so quit correcting me and wasting time and post something
Buzzerker 2 czerwca 2014 o 8:34 
Oh ok , so its the drivers , HA , I never would have guessed it. Thank you for your post it was polite of you.
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