Overrated Films and TV Shows?
Basically what title says,

For me, i may get hate for this but, i feel the Godfather series is terrible overrated. its boring as hell. It may have been good for its time but compared to mafia movies made later on like Casino and Good Fellas, its just boring. I enjoy a good story but i watched the first hour of the first godfather and i couldnt get attached.

Mad Men - same reason i didnt like godfather its just boring, and its just about a guy who works at a cigarette company in the 60s, who in their right mind would see that description and think that show is amazing.

Before i contnue dont think im the type of person who like action packed films and shows, i like both slow paced shows that pay off with an amazing ending but if its just boring all the way through then whats the point

The Wire - I am in NO WAY saying this show is bad, its a great show, but i think it got a little too much attention than it deserved.

Just a short list of TV Shows i love so you know what kind of Film watcher i am

Breaking Bad
True Detective
The Walking Dead
House of Cards
Orange is the new Black
Sons of Anarchy
Fargo (2014 FX Mini Series)
Penny Dreadful
South Park
Prison Break
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