Manual Cloud Save Suggestion
I really like the cloud save feature on Steam.

I was wondering how challenging it would be to make every game on steam backup save data to the cloud and sync that to multiple machines that a user has set up.

My assumption here is you need to know the location of the save file, we could manually point to a directory. When a number of people already point to a specific directory you may even be able to suggest that directory by default.

The reason behind this is simple. Much of the catalog has titles that are no longer supported by developers. This is completely understandable, there should be times when a game is done-ish and those folks can go home, so why not work around them if it is possible.

I currently back up my save games to OneDrive and then carry them over (or just grab them across the network) as I need them. It may seem dead simple to do it this way at the moment, but this experience could be better.
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Black Blade 9. Juli 2014 um 16:46 Uhr 
well i can understand that, but to be honest i am not so sure that be so good, as if it can be define by the user were the "Backup" folder is i think it may be abused for just transferring files
and things like that
Even that i may be wrong
And i do agree finding a way to support, unsupported games will be great
Mistabullit 9. Juli 2014 um 19:12 Uhr 
Hi Black Blade,

I agree there would need to be some steps in place to preserve the integrity of the service.
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