Modifying you inventory, better personnalisation
I'd like to suggest a new feature, or an inventory and trade feature which alow us to be able to personalise it to ones own liking.

Actually we have only a global inventory which we can sort on everything, per games or per items.
What i would like to be able to do though is to personnalise my inventory as to what are my favorit items, what is non tradable and so lock the items with also a visible presentation for anyone looking to trade, or aswell a new option to show which items we are ready, willing to trade for other items which by adding them it woud also generate a post or notification in the activity room.
It would help us being able to sort out after our own liking and concern and it would make us feel more secure of not losing as exemple loved items ike a rare background etc for trade or sell or anything else.
It would be nice if we could have something alike.:krkrlucia:

Thanks for the feedbacks and comments or eventually a completion to my suggestion!
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Akise Aru Jul 27 @ 12:29am 
steam don't deserves nothing, because it's haves sjws on their staff
Megamy Jul 27 @ 2:40am 
Originally posted by Akise Aru:
steam don't deserves nothing, because it's haves sjws on their staff
Ihope you can give the apropriate material to those accusations, but that has nothing to do with this thread. Please keep it on the subject.
5pb. Jul 27 @ 4:39am 
While I agree on putting forward what items you are ready to trade (which can technically be done by writing it in your profile description), I don't get the "losing loved items" part, Outside of scammers which are kinda obvious and you still have to confirm through steam guard to complete a trade.
Outside of that I doubt they'll implement this since we'd need to know how many people would use something like this and it would be quite costly to Valve without really increasing the number of trades (and hence revenue to valve since they get a perentage off every trade).
They are still a company that wants to make money after all.
Megamy Jul 27 @ 9:21am 
It would avoid us, thanks to the steam guard with the mobile app if ever a steam account would end up being hacked, misused from a thrid party software or or or... that without confirmation from steam guard or email nothing would be unlockt of the favorited option.

In term of view it would save the steam support quite some issues which where peoples may have lost items due to these incidents. Its a win win situation for both sides in my eyes.
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