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rory61 22. okt 2012 kl. 7:41
Help building a gaming pc needed
Hi, I needed advice in building a gaming pc. I'm new into gaming, though not new into building pc's . I need a system that works for gaming, for all the other activities I have a seperate pc.
I'm looking for an actual configuration that works for portal and portal 2.
I n e e d to play these games :-)
I currently have an old computer with amd K6 cpu and msi motherboard that works fine for everything except gaming.
I would be very pleased if someone has build a pc lately on which the portal games are running and who could give me information about the components of this pc.
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jakethebusker 22. okt 2012 kl. 9:20 
I don't play Portal but I do play Skyrim on pretty much the highest settings possible and with HD textures + extrra graphics mods. I have been building up my P.C. since May and this is my first gaming P.C. I have built. I am running an Intel i5 2500k, 8 Gb of ram, 1 Tb hdd and Zotac/Nvidia GTX 560ti 2Gb. I also have a 750w P.S.U. I bought all my kit just before the next generation of the C.P.U. and G.P.U. came out and still get to run most games at 1920*1080 on my 23" 3d monitor. I was gutted that my timing was a little off but these specs are more than ample for running most games with pretty decent graphics settings.

Do spend time shopping around and you wil find yourself some good deals. In total my rig has set me back around £700 (sterling) after doing a lot of shopping around. If overclocking your machine is something you are considering then you should note that the "k" identifier on the c.p.u. indicates that it can be overclocked and the G.P.U. came with software to allow overclocking of the G.P.U. (which is something I don't do). This is a personal choice as although there is plenty of literature on the net instructing you on how to overclock safely, the results vary from machine to machine. Even running at "stock" settings, with the stock cooler for my C.P.U. I am able to run games that make any (he)Xbox and Playstation look a bit nasty.

The main thing to think about is what you can get for what you want to spend. Some people will disagree with my choice of G.P.U. and recommend AMD/Radeon over the Nvidia, while others will recommend an i7 over an i5. But the main thing to consider is your budget. Not just that but think about the fact that you can add components later and upgrade as new kit comes out/budget improves. For the first few months I was running the intergrated G.P.U. on my i5 (intel's hd3000) which was okay but didn't really give me the wow factor.

I will advise you that you can easily get caught in the upgrade bug like I have. My system is good, but I still want to get more out of it. I have my next upgrades planned and am waiting for my savings to meet my desires - an sli capable motherboard, second G.P.U., second hdd and/or ssd. With Nvidia having just released their next generation G.P.U., I'd imagine it won't be long before AMD/Radeon do the same so watch the markets and check out sites like PC Gamer or Tom's Hardware for benchmarks and reviews.

Sorry if that's bit of a ramble but I hope that it answers your questions. :) And Good Luck! It's fun and can be a p.i.t.a. but it's definitely worth it.
rory61 22. okt 2012 kl. 9:51 
Thank you for your detailed info. There's a lot of things to sort out :-)
My main concern though is to find matching components. I read a lot on the net about certain ram not working with certain mb's. Or cooling problems on the motherboard chips.
That's the problem I think why I can't get even portal 1 running on my actual pc though it would meet the system requirements.
I'll take a look at the sites you named, I'm sure I'll find some useful info there. Thank you.
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