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Tyrion Aug 9, 2016 @ 12:02am
How to delete saves in the steam cloud?
I want to start a game over but it relys on steam cloud for saving and I don't want to just start where I was when I last played this game.
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H Aug 9, 2016 @ 1:43am 
This video might help.
Well, I am not sure if the following method works with all games out there, but I tried it with the game "Rimworld" and it was just fine and easily done:

I started steam and rimworld and of course steam synced with its cloud server and I got all saves back and forth as usual.

So the game started with steam cloud synced. While ingame I for once deledet all not wanted files within the game menu, but that left me still with some files, I could not access ingame (like some old backups in different folders and so on that were still in the steam cloud)

So I continued with the game running in background (!) and went to my savegame folder, in this case it is ~user/library/application support/rimworld for I am working on a mac.

And - what is important - while the game was still running in background, I deleted all not wanted files manually in the finder (the finder with mac is like the file explorer in windows) just took them to the trash bin.

And after getting rid of all not wanted old save backup folders and files, only then I did quit the game from the ingame menue and voilá: game-exit index process gave just all the folder content as is to the steam index sync process and without any disabling steam cloud saving or else I now have only the files I left there. No re-load via steam cloud after deleting them like that.

Hope this might help all of you who want to get rid of old or unwanted game saves in the steam cloud and I hope it works with all other games just fine ;)

regards, doc.
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Highland Piper Jan 17, 2017 @ 6:54am 
I go to the store page and it does not show any numbers as shown in the video, for any of the games on the store page.
Leader Wolf Feb 22, 2017 @ 4:15am 
I have the same problem. I have too much and too many unwanted files in my Steam Cloud in Tabletop Simulator and erasing it one by one ingame is extremely tiresome. I tried to delete my cloud with youtube tricks on my computer, but they didn't disappear. I need help to delete those files, or at least let me organize them myself inside Steam Cloud
Did you try my version? It has nothing to do with those youtube videos - it sounds a little bit "complicated" I admit, but I guess it will work anyway! If you try, keep me informed how it did work out for you.
@Doc.Freder, thanks man, your solution worked for me in Pillars of Eternity. The game has a bug that makes saving slower as you build up additional save games (even as of April 2017!), so I was able to clear the cache with your method, effectively making saves in Pillars of Eternity faster.

Warning: You may lose progress if you delete saves that you want to keep without backing them up first. Follow the first series of steps if you need help backing up your saves, otherwise back them up on your own, and proceed to the second series of steps. If you don't back them up, and delete saves from both your computer and the steam cloud at the same time, you could lose all your hours of game progress.

How to back up your saves:

1. Navigate to your save game folder (this varies for each game). Google "title save games directory" and replace title with the name of your game.
2. Create a new folder on your desktop named "My old saves" (or whatever other name for the folder, in whatever location you want).
3. Copy and paste all your saves from your save game folder into "My old saves"
4. Go back to your original save game folder you found in step 2)
5. Remove/ move whatever saves you need to.

Okay, now that your saves are safely backed up, you can do the steps by @Doc.Freder to update your steam cloud save games. Here they are in some easy steps:

Updating steam cloud save games:

0. Launch steam (steam needs to be running for this to work)
1. Run your game
2. Navigate to your save game folder (this varies for each game)
3. Cut and move, or delete the saves you want to.
4. Close your game

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