blkmnky 2013年9月11日下午9:17
~Happy Birthday Steam!!~ 10 Yrs Of Service!!
We wanted to Thank You, Valve! 10 years ago you changed the face of Digital Distribution and gave PC gamers a place to come to when everyone (!?) said PC Gaming was dead. You have changed my life, no thanks is big enough, no words can explain. Thank You, Everyone at Valve and those that couldn't be here now but made this happen! We Love what you do and the time and effort that must have gone into all of this must have been extraordinary. We cannot wait to see what's next! History has a place for remarkable people such as yourselves...

Thank You Valve and Happy Birthday Steam.exe!
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Elm 2013年9月11日下午10:01 
:ss13ok: *Sings Happy Birthday really loudly, and badly. The neighbourhood dogs join in*.
最后由 Elm 编辑于; 2013年9月11日下午10:02
vanmeteran 2013年9月11日下午10:21 
Steam you rock, and i love your service!! + 1,000 votes for steam lol
keputran69 2013年9月11日下午11:03 
When do 10 year anniversary sale begins, waiting:pandastunned:
LordCuddlez 2013年9月11日下午11:51 
zachjd 2013年9月12日上午12:12 
引用自 keputran69
When do 10 year anniversary sale begins, waiting:pandastunned:

Yeah :D
Rzep 2013年9月12日上午12:28 
I remember the early days, when everybody hated Steam and the pure rage people felt when HL2 launched and they could not play duo to massive Steam problems. Nice to look back and see how this has grown and became one of the most possitive elements of modern gaming.
Ninja Sakura 2013年9月12日上午12:32 
Does anyone else remember all those years ago, waiting for the client to be released, then spamming a link your friend/IRC/website posted just so you could get the client and get playing Counter-Strike. Oh 4 digit steam ID :pinkheart:
最后由 Ninja Sakura 编辑于; 2013年9月12日上午12:33
mfg.Carlos 2013年9月12日上午12:35 
Thank You Valve!
MrZaboo 2013年9月12日上午12:38 
Happy Birthday Steam!
Kal Of El 2013年9月12日上午12:38 
Well done with your amazing platform Valve and happy birthday steam
[Linux] CJ 2013年9月12日上午1:10 
Thank You Valve, Gaben! Happy Birthday Steam! :plane:
Brainc3ll 2013年9月12日上午1:13 
Happy Birthday!!!!

no sales?
g00d 2013年9月12日上午1:18 
Happy Birthday Steam!
Clay 2013年9月12日上午1:34 
Happy birthday Steam :D:
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