Why is steam's support so slow to fix small issues???
Seems this is my only way to try and get someone to take notice. When an issue is still not resolved after 8 business days... And support dont read what you write... And THEN write to you like some A.I. program from 10 years ago people tend to get a little angry! So my question is... Why does steam not fund enough people to run thier support? Do they not care in the slightest about thier customers enough to remedy issues in a RESPECTABLE amount of time??? How about some respect for a great customer such as myself which gives you bucketloads of cash??? Well???... Thanks to Robbie the support robot for not bothering to READ... NOT HAPPY!!!
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Chowder7116 Feb 5, 2013 @ 9:12pm 
At least its not like SOE devs :)
Good point... Just want to play my Dragonborn DLC. Problem is they didn't mind taking my money, but they sure hate delivering the product. Worse than dealing with telecommunication companies. Its called stealing in most countries...
2point4 Feb 5, 2013 @ 9:21pm 
Last I heard Valve doesn't use bots, unfortunately. If they did then you'd at least be getting these same "automated responses" within a few hours or less. That way you could get the cookie-cutter responses out of the way almost instantly if you actually do have a real issue while most others would have their issue resolved by just following directions in a FAQ link.

Those first responses you usually get do indeed solve a great amount of problems people contact support about. Probably more often than not. But if your problem is something that goes beyond what is already in the knowledge base at support.steampowered.com then those initial responses can be pretty far off base. And of course it doesn't help that you had to wait for that canned message for days.

This is the same feedback that has been present within the discussion boards on Steam for a long time now. If Valve has made any attempts to take action on this feedback it hasn't amounted to much as the same complaints about long response times keep being posted over and over again.
Hmmm interesting... thanks for the info. Sadly it's a fix that I need from thier end. Nothing will help until they give me access to the content although its clear as day in my account that its paid for. Good to know im not the only one (I think...). Thats the one reason the internet is concerning... Companies like steam can get away with little staff because the only power that people have on steam is getting frustrated typing into discussion forums! An Aussie support number would be a great start!
Spawn of Totoro Feb 5, 2013 @ 9:46pm 
Many have fixed their issues with being unable to play/download the Dragonborn DLC by restarting their computers. Try looking in the Skyrim fourm.
Thanks but its caused by last weeks Paypal server issues (long story). I have reset 3 times today. They simply havn't given me access to the DLC although they managed to ensure they got thier money after asking me to drop my paypal dispute. Then didn't uphold thier end of the bargain. There is nothing more to it unfortunately. Wish it was as easy as a reset.
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