nug 29 Jan, 2013 às 17:26
Black Ops 2
Why advertise new maps the 29th, if just for XBOX???? NOT PC????
Really I understand that microsoft has alot more $ into this , but please dont false advertise and say to PC players that we will get new maps on the 1-29..... I could have used my $ differently this month!
No one ever thinks about people on budgets........always a kick in the seeds to the PC players.
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losinsanity 29 Jan, 2013 às 21:04 
and PS3 players, but we are use to it I guess. In the end, they don't care. They got your money and have no idea who you are.
Silicon Vampire 29 Jan, 2013 às 21:11 
The season pass thing? It says "Pre-Purchase" and States clearly that it comes out his year. Did you assume something else before purchase?
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Sgt Major 29 Jan, 2013 às 21:44 
So... when do the new map packs for the PC come out???
[dirrty]gsharp 29 Jan, 2013 às 21:56 
Originalmente postado por Sgt Major-AG-:
So... when do the new map packs for the PC come out???

Feb 29th
frankoasa 30 Jan, 2013 às 2:27 
Feb 29th is in 2016, so be patient. :)
nug 30 Jan, 2013 às 17:34 
Its just irritating , when I sign in to "online" in game it said "Revolution is coming" 1-29..... new maps....spend $50 for season pass....ReallyI didnt know I had to wait for spring for the first one. The game told me 1-29.....

If that was just for Xbox and PS3 then keep it off the PC version. Sick of the bs that is all about $ and who can sponser the most. They are trying to eliminate the ORIGINAL online people from playing.
First no dedicarted servers.
Next lie about release dates , in game.
Whats next, give us your money for no reason, we will gift you Pac-Man ( It comes with your own invisible joy stick)for $ so sad.

Silicon Vampire 30 Jan, 2013 às 18:03 
So, the game told you, not Steam Store... the ad was from the publishers by the sounds of it.

Barking up wrong tree?
Lurus 30 Jan, 2013 às 20:06 
suggestion: maybe its worth looking up before commiting money.all the ads i saw myself all said xbox exclusive but i dont own it for pc so im not sure what ads may have been in the game. trust me i've done similar things before misunderstanding the ad or not bothering to go to another scource to confirm and have commited money and then regretted it later when i realized i would have to wait longer then i thought to get the dlc or game.

The developers have every right to advertise it for 1-29 and its not false advertising because thats when it came out just exclusive for a month. they are also trying to hype it up and get pc and ps3 players excited and maybe buy the season pass (which is what i assume you did?).

microsoft has had a deal with activision for years to get cod map packs exclusively for xbox360 one month before they are released to pc and ps3. this circumstance is a little strange since febuary doesnt have 29 days so it will probably be march 1st but maybe febuary 28th that its released for pc and ps3.

chalk it up as an honest mistake and learn from it and be more careful with ads in the future.
although if your really that upset you may be able to get a refund from steam if you ask
(doubt it but no harm in asking i suppose)
Agentrock12 31 Jan, 2013 às 3:31 
there first game came out on pc so did the others but they think xbox 360 is all this all that. WHY DO THEY LIKE XBOX BETTER?
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