Pinion servers have got to go!!!
Steam, we all value abundant servers to play your wonderful games, however, lately someone has been abusing your generosity.

Pionion ad servers have gone from a great way to subsidize server payments to an extreme abuse. 25 second MOTD at the beginning and end of matches is overkill. In TF2 everyone enjoys the free frags. However, Pionion has taken it upon themselves to deny your loyal gamers of this joy.

Even with HTML blocks on the we are still forced to wait out the ad servers MOTD even if we don't have to see it.

Pionion is taking advantage of you and your loyal gamebase and we ask that you put a stop to it.
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Servers have to be paid, ads are necessary to keep the money coming. There are many other servers to play on, no one is forcing you to play on pinion pot o'gold supported servers.
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Brandon St. Randy Jan 26, 2013 @ 9:53pm 
the point isn't that it is a Pinion server. The point is Pinion is obviously taking advantage of servers, players and steam with their over the top MOTD. A good majority of "random" servers are Pinion ad servers. The easy fix is Steam limit the length of the MOTD. Servers can still have ads on them, servers will still get paid and players can enjoy gaming again without having to set up a script to block an ad server.

If an abundance of players are running scripts to block the ads I think there is a problem.
DarkCrystalMethod Feb 2, 2013 @ 10:24pm 
Found a list of the named servers (search the internets for the list) to add in my hosts file. If I don't see a MOTD then it was Pinion. The way it locks my computer as I'm exiting TF2, long after I've left the server, checked my inventory, done some crafting, I press quit and some horrible babypushing grunts are heard (IN AN XBOX COMMERCIAL) and it won't stop until its played the entire thing, even after TF2 finishes exiting.
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