thearcoN Jan 25, 2013 @ 7:14am
big problem with steamservers

I have recently installed a couple of games I had on my steam account for a while now. (cs 1.6 css, cs:go, csp, cod-ww, cod mw2, TF2, day of defeat source ++.)

The thing is when I hit the refresh button i can see it finds like 300-500 servers but no one shows up in the server-list. (this include all games).

when I ping a variety of internet-sites in command-prompt I can see that my connection is quite normal and stable.

what I have tried:

1) checked out what ports that might have to be open:

27000 - 27300
27015 - 27030

Only difference here was that I could see 7servers with 300ms on and no players on it. (same server-host on all) This was COD WW. In the other games it was no difference at all.

2) tried to delete files:


3) restarted router. (netgear router)

4) i get internet from the neighbor through a normal internet-cable into my router, so I thought it was perhaps the router who was the issue here. I plugged in the TP-cable directly into my machine and the same problem occur.

It is a bit shame since I bought a few new games on steam-store to play online but it wont let me :/

I would appreciate if someone here sits on a solution to this issue. :)

Best regards.
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[dirrty]gsharp Jan 25, 2013 @ 7:28am 
Why are you spamming this msg in every Steam forum?
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