lymanse 2013年1月23日下午1:53
Steam overlay problem in 3D
Salut,In game la orice joc steam coborand consola cu ♥♥♥♥+tab o aduce fara sa pot sa o accesez,tin sa precizez ca folosesc 3d .Mousul ramane pe imaginea jocului iar inchiderea overlay-ului devine imposibila.Ma poate ajuta cineva care a mai avut problema de genu?
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insomniac 2013年1月23日下午3:39 
No entendo.
lymanse 2013年1月23日下午4:15 
Well sorry.So i just bought a 3d led and i can't use properly steam overlay the sh i f t +tab command.I can bring it down but the mouse will not interact with that page.after this i can't close it the mouse being on background will not help.I need that overlay badly.I am 100% that is from the TriDef3D .Lots of people have this problem ,yet i didn't find a proper solution.can someone help me?
insomniac 2013年1月23日下午4:17 
try it in other games to make sure its not just the game.
lymanse 2013年1月23日下午4:26 
the bug it's on every game not just dota .
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