Kirokaze 2013年1月5日上午12:11
Great Racing Games on Steam
So the Winter sale is ending and i decided to get one of those gt racing games, but i have not much knowledge about them.

I'm talking about:
Race Injection
Race 07
GT Legends
Xpand Rally

Here are my doubts: which is the most fun? / Is it easy to get into? / Does the game work with xbox 360 pad? / Win 7 64 bits support?

I'd love to hear opinion about those games before the sale ends.

P.S. Not putting Dirt or Grid becuase of the low discounts on them.
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pfury 2013年1月5日上午2:25 
Yes pretty much Dirt 3 is the best racing game. I was waiting for -75% on that. Never happened.
Elgar 2013年1月5日上午2:32 
I was about to create a thread with the exact same questions!

I am very curious to see what the answers will be.
Akarhogy 2013年1月5日上午2:47 
Well, the games mentioned above are racing simulators, however the Dirt 3 and Grid are more like an arcade game, created for fun.

So if you like sort of say a realistic racing game, with a great physics engine, which are created mainly for the multiplayer experience (since there are quite some online racing leagues out there), then you should buy it.

But for these games I would recommend to get a wheel, because I'm not sure you'll enjoy it playing with a controller or a keyboard, since the main objective with these games were to satisfy the hardcore simulator players.

(To put it in another way: With Dirt 3 and Grid you just hop into the car, and start playing. These games give you only a basic adjustibility, but with the games mentioned above, you have to adjust every little settings of the car. Each one. The brakes, the suspension of the car, the gearbox, the engine, you have to set up your fuel level for each ride, etc... So, if you are into this "car stuff" and love to adjust little settings, then yeah, why not?)

Also: Check some reviews on the internet, and search for some videos on YouTube.
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