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Astanya 14 nov, 2012 @ 9:09
<Patientia Sanctimonia> Small, social fleet recruiting casual players, old and new.
<Patientia Sanctimonia> A Level 4 Federation Fleet

Small English speaking social fleet with a casual play style.
We may be small but we are active, myself and co-leader are lifetime subscribers who play daily and have members in various timezones
If you're looking for a simple, laid back, easy going fleet with no strings and no pressure, you should check us out.
We have a Fleet Emblem, No uniform rules and a Starbase under construction.

Progression of fleets has gotten a little tougher with Season 7 and the addition of the Embassy and Reputations, Resources are now split between Starbase and Embassy making it take longer for smaller fleets, but we are sticking with it and would like to say that other small fleets or even people trying to level a fleet by themselves that are finding it too hard, are very welcome to come and join us

We also have a Steam group, you can check us out here.

If interested reply to post here or on steam group or send a tell/mail ingame to: @FaithLockhart(GMT) @Kerayu(EST) or @zhdani(CET) (Invitations can be sent even if you're offline)

Our post on Official STO forums[]
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