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The only thing I find with star trek online to be a little bit of a let down is the fact you can't even play as the bad guy till you're level 25 or 24 correct me if I'm wrong, for me I can't even get that high in level without losing hope in humanity.
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Cyberpapa Dec 17, 2012 @ 9:22am 
Can't you just create a new character and make it a klingon from the start??
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thorley23 Dec 19, 2012 @ 1:44am 
OP put up this message a long time ago, but to answer your question Cyberpapa, no you cannot. The KDF was designed primarily as a PVP faction and you can't make a KDF character until you get to level 20 as a Fed. The new KDF character starts at level 20 however.

It should also be noted that it's sort of a mini-faction rather than a full fledged one like Horde Vs. Alliance in WoW or whatever. It does have it's own quest chains (most of which are simply Fed missions done from a KDF perspective) but they are secondary.

As PVP is kind of borked in STO for the moment (the Devs even said so) the KDF is kind of without a lot to do, due to their general lack of content. That said you do have some people "maining" KDF captains and doing the various STFs and such (which are cooperative between factions) with those characters.

Also the KDF aren't really the "bad guys" so much as there is a cold war of sorts between rival factions. The PVP mostly involves maps based on limited fringe skirmishes, while the KDF and Feds remain loosely allied for all practical purposes against enemies like the Borg, Tholians, and before too long (hopefully) the Iconians.

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