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Hi people and again my opinion (as well as the latest events and things Cryptic should consider)
I think its again time to write in steam(even if here are no people or nearly no people capable of thinking about it in the way it should be) what my guesses are about sto and how they can make it even better.

First of all: its still not a game for those who think : HAVE TO MAKE MAX DPS ... having fun is more important and that doesnt include being unbeatable even if the enemy ships are Logicaly stronger than yours (beating a scimitar? not even the E was capable of doing it and the scimitar for the sake of capturing picard wasn even fighting seriously so what chanze does a ship smaller and with less power have? NONE!) what brings me to point 1: make this more TREK ... i could complain about this all day but why should a miranda be capable of doing something in the 25. century? because of modular build ships? because of new warp cores? thats ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t (it would be HEY the constitution is still capable of holding up to the tasks after the exelsior was build and used ... the exelsior is way more powerfull and better protected (as well as there is the structural limit a ship can wield and the biger it is the more power it has in shield and weapone strengh the defiant itselfe nearly blow itselfe up bevor some modulations made it usable but not as powerfull as it was intendet to be(the neg'var would have won but hey ... targeting sensors where against it). So PLEASE make it more trek the way it should be .. make more shiptype's alltogether and stop with the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t : CRUISER = SLOW... HELLO ITS SPACE! even battlestars manouver faster than the (HALF AS LONG) Odyssey class or the bortasq ... its like using old naval forms : FF DD CL CA CV BB and all with the capability of good manouvering but better the less big you are ... that would even make it posible to insert items such as bioneural gel packs for better aiming on small ships or would make subsystem attacks posible on bigger ships (the phaser phalanxes the cannons the launchers are all big targets for small ships to attack so use this feature already!)

the point should already be clear ... nearly everyone should use escorts/raider by now because its logical that small ships got more power for weapones than big once and small ships can wield shields capable of withstanding multiple torpedo volley's (a BoP in star trek isnt even capable to handle 1 phaser shot from a galaxy class .. and thats not even a battleship its a luxury liner nothing else ...)

So much good things could be made out of sto in space alone but hey: now we have something that is capable of being sto's ground combat revamp: DEFIANC ... it has a good shooter like system your only as powerfull as your gun or your own skill at evading AND its open world (the only problem would be sto's engine for that but hey cryptic uses all means posible to make bigger ground maps in each major update so what is the problem of making a 20km x 20km map? would be enogh for a ground battle zone to permanently fight or to just explor the planet.

Star Trek is huge so cryptic PLEASE as well as all who share my thoughs about it: DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! i dont want sto to die because of people leaving just because other mmo's have a better combat system or better optics! USE THE POWER OF THE 4 QUADRANTS ALREADY! (now imagine a fleet made of a cube a scimitar a sovereign a neg'var AND a dominion dreadnought THATS what powerfull was intendet to mean!)
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AbsynthMinded Jul 25, 2013 @ 9:27am 
Cryptic no longer calls the shots really, Perfect World does. They are an Asian run corp, they do not care one bit about the consumers desires for improvement. There are buckets and buckets of issues STO player have complained about for so long we are convinced things will never change where it counts. The parent company don't give a krap, and DSthal's agenda is to suck what little fun there was out of the game and replace it with insulting amounts of grind for very very little payoff. The only thing you play for at the top end is minor improvements to combat effiency, vanity perks or other minor buffs and effects.

Delu Jul 25, 2013 @ 2:53pm 
It would be easy to blame the "asian run" (evil, goldfarming and so on) company, but the truth really is Cryptic messed up STO long before PW was calling the shots, not fixing stuff and basic tech issues since back when STO launched.

Many ppl seem to cope with speaking out against PW (some bordering racism), instead who they should really pay their critism to, Cryptic, but as with a movie you just have seen in a cinema, spent money for/ on, leaving with a feeling that it was not all that good and certainly not what it could have been, most ppl would never admit to themselves that it was utter crap, because they invested money in it and at the end that would mean to admit beiing wrong about something or having made a bad decission and ultimatley having supported something that maybe, like in the case with Star Trek (Online), developed the lore in a way which will end up changing something they actually liked in the beginning (or as a base in terms of story/ universe) to something worse not up to the base content/ lore.

So ppl rather lie to themselves and others, seeking ways around facing the real issue(s) and uncomfortable truth and blame someone else.

Now paring the fremium/ shop content is everything model with PW's focus/ influence certainly would not help I can imagine (eg. "Arc") but all the game issues started at Cryptic and are still based there.

I'm sure someone like Melvin will now soon chime in to tell everybody again that it ain't so at all and everything is fine and dandy, and sureley I'm an old evil nemesis of Star Trek, Star Wars lover and should at least burn for heresy or something like that (on that topic, not quite the spirit Star Trek deserves), well it's up to everybody on their own to decide if they rather fool themselves and live with stagnation or open their eyes and at least try to influence change (to something they themselves would ultimately like better).
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