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tolshortte Jul 5, 2013 @ 11:52am
Can you earn different types of ships by playing? or are they only purchasable? Do gold members have access to earning all ships are is that again a purchase only option?

Do subs have any real benefit vs. f2p?

interested in this game, but the above questions are a few that need answered first. thank for your time and replies.
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Szeron Jul 5, 2013 @ 11:02pm 
Every 10 levels you get a ship token that you can exchange for a leveling ship to match that 'tier'. All of the 'max level' ships require you to get them from the c-store.

That said, this game is far more dependent on skill and knowledge with the game and all of the endgame content has been cleared with starting frigates. The level 40 'freebie' ships are more than capable of holding their own with 'premium' ships. Additionally, there are a number of mirror variants of level 40 ships that you can usually get cheaply on the exchange if you want to try something a little different(rather than paying painful amounts of dilithium for their standard versions.) I have put together a ship for an alt for around 200k energy credits(relatively cheap) that put most every other ship I ran with to shame, paid or not. You don't buy power in this game, you learn it.

Also, you can 'earn' every ship(barring special promotional ships like the Steamrunner) in the game by trading dilithium for zen(the real money currency). Dilithium is a 'time-based' currency that you can only refine(into a useable form) a limited amount of per day. There is a lot of endgame uses for Dilithium for people to want to exchange Zen for it, so the economy is quite healthy.(it's been holding around 115~ dilithium per zen for the past month)

It's worth mentioning that there are some other oddities like lockbox ships and the 3rd anniversary ships from the Temporal Ambassador mission. The latter is a free level 30 ship you get each time you beat the mission and is a very well-rounded ship. The former is moreso a thing for gambling junkies and/or collectors. They don't come cheap or easy, and have broken the hearts of more than a few who tried to obtain them.

As for the subscription bit, It's honestly better to either buy a lifetime subscription(ideally when it's on sale, roughly twice per year) or to just stay Free to Play. Otherwise, it might be worth subbing for a singular month to fully upgrade all of your inventory/bridge officer/ship slots rather than purchasing them individually from the C-store. You will keep them even after the subscription ends. (except for the energy credit cap - which will drop back to 10mil unless you specifically purchase that account-wide service from the c-store.)
tolshortte Jul 6, 2013 @ 12:02am 
thx for the info
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