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ElderMark Jun 25, 2013 @ 5:39pm
Intrested in trying this game
Hello all,I was wondering if someone can give me a good,and bad points of this game,Recent mmo's ive played are UO WoW,and recently Swotor ,i just want to know some players thoughts on this game thanks.
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Szeron Jun 26, 2013 @ 4:51pm 
+/- There is a lot of depth to the game. It will probably take you a week to get your footing, and several months/a year properly understand all the nuances of the game. However, it's not required to know most of it and you can get into the game and play quite easily. (Just don't be surprised if you're struggling against some borg spheres in a red alert and then suddenly see a veteran player blow past you and annihilate cubes in a single pass.)

+ Excellent space combat and ship customization. The space combat is heavily inspired by games like Starfleet Command, but is a bit more fast-paced and 'streamlined'. You've got different firing arcs for different weapons and shield facings to manage, and a lot of flexibility with different ship equipment slots and bridge officer abilities.

+ A very fair business model. The only things you cannot 'earn' ingame are special things from collectors editions and promotional offers. The game uses an intermediate, time-based(you can only refined a limited amount of it per day), currency that can be exchanged for the premium currency that is used for all the c-store unlocks/purchases. Dilithium also has a lot of uses that make it attractive(especially to fleets/guilds) to want to exchange real money currency for it, so the economy is healthy.

+/- Ground combat can feel a bit clunky compared to a lot of the newer generation of MMOs that are going with a more action-rpg slant, but it has all the trappings of convienance('F' interacts/picks up loot/etc.) and more depth to it than may be noticed at a casual glance(flanking, exposing and exploiting, crouching, fine-aiming, etc.). Ground combat is also generally harder than space combat given the more limited resources you have to work with. Feels a bit like a mix between Guild Wars 1 and 2.

- Crafting is in dire shape, in need of an overhaul to make it relevant again, and rumor mill suggests it will get some love with the next major season (9) update.

- Despite having a decently growing community, PvP is in pretty bad shape as well. There is not a of variety and there is most certainly a huge skill/learning curve to overcome. Rumor mill is that season 10 is when pvp will be getting some proper attention by the devs.

+ Lots of flexibility, customization and variety. They're the only faction to have freely-available science ships and have more ships (and cosmetic ship parts) to choose from than any other faction.
- Leveling is fairly disorganized and drawn out compared to the other two factions.

Klingon Empire:
+ Powerful ships designed for one thing: Combat. Even their larger battlecruisers are relatively agile and able to keep the biggest of weapons on target. They're also the only faction that has access to a non-paid carrier ship - KDF fightercraft are generally excellent as well.
+ Their new starting experience is arguably even better than the Romulan one, but doesn't last quite as long. It does a great job of capturing the 'atmosphere' of being a warrior for the empire.
- A lot of their ship variety is locked up in the c-store(including proper, albeit slightly inferior, science-focused ships).
- They have very few choices for uniform customization compared to the other factions, although some races do have unique options(Orion metal bikini armor, Nausican 'bladed' armor, etc.).

Romulan Republic:
+ A very enjoyable storyline campaign with a good degree of polish, and some really awesome moments you won't find elsewhere. Beware the abundant homages to Star Wars and Mass Effect.
+ A relatively different playstyle. They get access to some interesting ground weapons and their ships have some interesting quirks about them(they're better at opportunistic tactics than sustained engagements).
- Very linear experience with very little variety. They don't have patrol missions or exploration clusters of their own and most people are going level up exactly the same way(via the storyline) with exactly the same things(ships, bridge officers, etc.).
+/- They are forced to ally with one of the other two faction and join the 'red or blue team'. They're still their own faction with their own ships and content, but much of the side activities and late-game content is going to be based on the side you choose.

There are still a number of things I haven't touched on, but this post is already text-wall length.
ElderMark Jun 26, 2013 @ 5:27pm 
thank you so much for the reply! and the honesty about it,im gonna download it check it out thanks again ,your review beats what ive read,by the experts *smirks*
Elder Drake Jun 26, 2013 @ 7:58pm 
Lifetime subber here, been with the game off/on since closed beta. Szeron put a lot of good info up but I thought I would throw a quick outlook as well. Hopefully it will help you with choosing a class and faction.


Tactical- Dps. Hits hard, favors nimble ships (escorts), but has no really cool visual unique abilities imo.

Engineer- Tank (can hybrid to dps and some limited heals). Favors Cruisers (huge slow turning ships). imo, unmatched in ground combat (fun factor) as you can fabricate all sorts of things (mines, turrets, shields, orbital strikes, etc). In space, very resilient and can dish out decent damage.

Science- Heals (hybrid dps, no so tanky). Favors Science ships (medium range between escort and cruiser). Not a great choice for dps (comparatively, not a rule as any class well played can kick butt when set up right) but excels at healing and buff/debuffing. No spectacular ground abilties but in space gets Photonic Fleet (calls in Hologram/Photonic ships that fight for you).


Federation- Cryptics love child until the latest expansion. Lots of content, stuff to buy in c-store, and stereotypical good guys (minus Section 31).

Klingons- Red headed step child of Cryptic that has had a rocky road but is finally coming into it's own. C-store content is limited, all about fighting, killing, enslaving, and smashing. No finesse or diplomacy unless you attribute crushing people in PvP to these.

Romulans- Rising star of Cryptic. Awesome story line, interesting ship mechanics (singularity cores, not warp cores), and New Romulus at end game feels a lot more personal and engaging because...well, won't spoil it. Downside, they have very limited c-store options and a ways to go on customization options as a result.

Final thoughts: I have played all 3 factions, all 3 classes. Loved my Klingon Tactical officer because I thought of him as a simple Hulk smash guy that destroys in PvP. Federation Science seemed to fit and I had fun with because of the Vesta C-Store ship and was great on PvE. Overall favorite is handds down my Romulan Engineer. I use a combat parser (like recount for WoW) and he dishes out more dps than tactical officers most of the time, is resilient as can be in space, and on the ground is fun since calling in orbital strikes and fabricating a nest of turrets/mortars/drones is just pure win.

Good luck and hope I added to my fellow STO gamer Szeron's thoughts to help you choose something you will enjoy. I will close with saying do not rush to end game. Enjoy the ride as it is easy to level up and once at end game you run into the usual grind (with a few twist but still grinding). The stories are interesting, complete one faction then roll up another to see what they are all about. Happy gaming.
ElderMark Jun 27, 2013 @ 3:04am 
thanks for the advice,I look forward to playing this even more, the download is almost done.Thank you all for the great insight and honesty
wdpsr Jun 27, 2013 @ 8:25am 
A new player perspective:

Everyone's experience is going to be different. It doesn't hurt to try it out.

The following is more detail, or for anyone else who is thinking about trying it who happens to read this thread; You can choose to read the rest of this or ignore it completely. It's just my perspective, and my view of the game so far.

Pluses are that it's an easy game to get into. Unlocking new ships are always cool. I love the concept of adding officers. Each officer you add to your ship has a different ability, and can get stronger as you decide how to build that officer.

I've tried all 3 factions. Leveling seems to be easiest with the Klingons, Romulans are very bland early on, and Federation seems to have the more variety in terms of customization, ship configuration, etc.

There are things I've already noticed that need some work. For example: When doing ground missions, sometimes phasers don't fire which leave you vulnerable to attack. Some space missions are weird as your enemy ships seem to be random.

One moment, you could be facing frigates which are smaller ships, the next, your facing off against warships that you shouldn't be going up against until at least level 10. I took on a warship at level 3 as it was part of a mission where you have to beam aboard something thats being blocked by a security field. That fight didn't last long as I was ill equiped to face off against a superior vessel.

Some of the main missions are ridiculously long, and most of the side missions suck as you are poorly rewarded for doing them.

Sometimes your camera view mysteriously unlocks in space missions and you find it difficult to navigate when under attack. My viewpoint got stuck on 2 seperate occasions where I could move my ship completely out of view. The only fix I've found for it is to reset my settings back to default every time it happens. It can be a hassle. These are some of the things that frustrated me a little. It takes some getting used to I guess.

Another thing that annoys me, on some missions you will get rewarded with locked boxes that are virtually useless unless you buy perishable keys from the store to unlock them. It seems like a waste since you level relatively quickly, and since whatever is in that box will probably be BTA, you will be trading real cash for useless in game currency once you have surpassed the point where that item is no longer useful.
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Commodore Lobster Jun 27, 2013 @ 8:34am 
I'd defo' give it a go if you have the time.
Wyldern Jun 27, 2013 @ 8:09pm 
This games treats F2P players fairly, unlike most of what is available online these days. Not that I'm cheap, I gladly give my money to developers, but I believe those without the ability to pay should be trated well anyway.
Kitty Jun 27, 2013 @ 9:43pm 
It's fun if you like Star Trek. But the quests are horrible. I get lost so often.
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Elder Drake Jun 27, 2013 @ 10:57pm 
Critical thing I wanted to add for anyone checking this thread and all new players. Someone mentioned above rewards sucking sometimes for long missions, this can be true with one exception. Cryptic has what they call the Featured Series rewards. They are episodes (mission arcs) that lead to unique rewards (Link:

These rewards are only available at certain times, check the site for news on when they may turn them on. When they do, make sure to go back and replay missions that reward these items. Sucks because a rerun just ended but hopefully they will do another soon for the new players coming in. Some of the items are a lot of fun (my favorite: ), the clones will fight in combat and do random dances when used in a social area...good for a laugh or extra firepower. lol, done dishing out info. Enjoy the game and welcome :)
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anErrror Jun 27, 2013 @ 11:31pm 
I would try it if you know some trek stuff, you can if you don't but it doesn't catch people as well if they don't know anything about star trek, in my opinion
Damanta Jun 28, 2013 @ 8:49am 
It's free to try, and both the romulan and klingon tutorials are quite good. The Fed tutorial needs an overhaul.
Do it
Wesstan Jun 29, 2013 @ 1:31am 
*thumbs up*
Originally posted by {-.-}BwR-IntNatSupStar:
Do it
Quests are terrible and boring with horrible animations and no voice acting with the exception of a few missions. Otherwise game is very fun.
You can learn this game in two months. The main draw is the spaceships and clans for PvE. Some quests are interesting, but most are simplistic grinds. Some of the best quests are in the user-created category (The Foundry). Be sure to check out the top-rated ones.

Main problem with the game is that once you have grinded a good ship and crew, and figured out your hot-keys then, it is just a repetitive grind. The game really needs a dedicated PvP setup between clans, like World of Tanks has. Since it lacks that, I haven't played this game hardly at all in the last year.
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