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Just Started STO last week, now lvl50....Now what?
A friend recommended I try out STO...Although I haven't been much a trek fan (Due to Star Wars :) ) found this game pretty interesting for an mmo. So now I've gained max lvl on my first fed toon with the ridiculously easy lvling system, and have started in i think are omega projects. But besides that im kinda in the dark about everthing else in STO due to the fact the game really doesnt teach anything, any suggestions on how i should procced? Im also open to adding friends or whatever to spread around or maybe do some missions...though I set the difficulty up to advanced or elite when i play
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WingsofRazgriz Nov 7, 2013 @ 8:26am 
Also was thinking of getting an alt reman char when i grind up enough dil for zen, if it worth it, i dont really want to waste that much zen, since im not expecting to pay real $$ on STO any time soon
Firewalk Nov 7, 2013 @ 10:15am 
You don't need to buy Zen to unlock a Reman character. Finishing the New Romulus Reputation with your existing character unlocks that too.
Shadow75 Nov 7, 2013 @ 1:31pm 
well there is more content coming soon
Winter1945 Nov 7, 2013 @ 1:36pm 
ya i was thinking about this.. im only a lvl 35, but lvling up is so easy i was wondering what i would do when i hit 50.. i love the game, so i was really worried about this.. my solution was to do all the side missions and events, start with a new character, and make a youtube series with another just for the fun of it..
Rakun Nov 7, 2013 @ 4:07pm 
Well, there is the campaign for each faction (Federation, klingon and romulan), and when you finish those, you still have some story content for level 50 characters.
D.T. Nov 9, 2013 @ 9:51am 
most of the end game content ends up in the form of reputation systems, donating to those, getting reputation/gear out of it. each of the 3 different reputation systems include 5 passives a peice, which, unless there is something i dont know about, allows a total of 15 total passives when combined, which will always be active.

then there is the fleet stuff, unless your fleet already has a tier 5 starbase, thats something you could work on. having your own dilithium mine, then going to mine dilithium from the daily asteroids adds up as well, and the best gear in the game comes from the higher tiers of the fleet starbase (correct me if i'm wrong).

as for instances, if you ran any of those prior to leveling up, you should see some more unlocked upon hitting level 50, but i also 'think' there are a few instances that only show up after you have completed some other pre-requisites in the game. as an example of completing the series' episodes.

not only that, but since you play on elite (which is my personal preference) you can always go back, or forward, to new episodes and retain an 'equal level' peice of gear that may or may not help you, considering the gear you may already have. some of the rewards are in the form of unique items, which could benifit you greatly in certain situations. also, you never max out on expertise, which is one of your main forms of progressing with the reputation systems, and you end up donating alot of that to your fleets starbase, as well as finding the right bridge officers to train with the preferred skills and traits.

hope this helps you enjoy some of the opened up-end game content!

edit: hitting 50 is like the end of your training exercise program and you can start earning great gear and doing elite runs for the best rewards they can give. the game bored me to tears up to 50, once i hit 50 it seemed to grab my attention. everyone is different, so just dont forget to check out everything again once you are 50, you might have a level-equivilant gear in there you want!
also-if you havent done the featured episode for the Obelisk Carrier I highly suggest doing that at least for the ship, it is one of the better tier 5 ships, especially at its price (free for 30 minutes of your time) and can dish out some massive damage, as well as take a few hits before being destroyed as well. (i play an engineer and absolutely LOVE tanking for the rest of my team with the cruiser-aggro/threat generation buff, but the obelisk does not play this way, its quite different. try a few styles and see what you like, you are not limited to one type of playstyle with any single class!)
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