Dungeons of Dredmor

Dungeons of Dredmor

youtoo Oct 20, 2013 @ 9:18am
healing with out moving
everytime i press space bar 1 turn goes by. this is a hassle to heal. if i walk back and forth i run the risk of hitting a trap. is there a way to get 'space' to run repeatedly if i hold it down or a way to do multiple turns just by holding it down?
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youtoo Oct 20, 2013 @ 9:22am 

drunken master build tells you exactly what skills to get when. The other builds are not as detailed. This is weak in melee and you can die easily from making mistakes. to learn the mechanics, you may want to try all melee skills just to get a feel for the mechanics. I recommend

1 melee weapon (at high levels swords are not as good, but doesnt matter to leran the game)
dodge, armor skill, viking wizardry (good magic to support melee), geomancy (first train lets you someone a very good golem to fight with you) and stuff like that. your going to die alot to learn the game, but this build is more newbie friendly. has weakeness late game,but you wont get that far anyway.

drunken master in the list of strategies is good because it tells you exactly when to get each skill. the other builds dont seem to be as detailed.

that wiki is your best friend.
I think you accidentally replied to your own thread instead of the one where someone asks for a starting build.

Anyway, if you have eaten food or drank booze (and the regen buff is still active in the top left), you can click the "digest" button in the lower left hand side corner of the screen, this will rapidly tick through turns until the buff has expired (even if you are at full health / mana !!). You can manually interrupt this by pressing space bar or moving.
The game won't progress any turns if there are monsters in your field of vision (even passive ones), you'll have to move away from them first.

If you just want to pass turns to regen health without having eaten any food, then mashing the space bar is your only option. You can always just walk left and right in the same spot, but due to the animation speed, this actually takes longer.
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