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Pratical Military Training
I wanted to use Frozen Synapse as a visual representation during military training however there's a couple issues.

A:The AI changes directions during turns for no apparent reason, they just randomly wander with no coherent goal or transition from one turn to another (Turn 1 they're heading south, towards a door- turn two they head back north- turn three they head east.) so setting up areas to cover and moving tactically isn't really effective.

B: Can I make my OWN maps and have AI Guard, or patrol an area.
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Maetco Feb 18, 2013 @ 12:09pm 
You CAN (there is no need to use caps lock) create your own maps but you can't program the AI to do something specific. But what you could do is play a MP match (eg hotseat) so all the command are human made and according to your meaning of tactical effectiveness. You have to understand that FS is a game and usually the key is to do something your opponent doesn't expect you to do so it might seem random to an outsider. Also remember to use harder AI (if I remember correctly there are 5 levels/difficulties 5 being the hardest) if you want it be at all challenging (=effective?).

You can also play matches in advance and just show the video of those matches. This way giving the commands won't be stealing any of your presentation time.
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Gniuz Feb 20, 2013 @ 12:07pm 
^ all that he said.

Never thought about FS being used as visual representation in military training but what a bloody good idea :)

Is there not something made especially for that sort of thing?
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