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Cogwheel Software  [ontwikkelaar] 28 jun 2022 om 2:53
Troubleshooting (game is crashing or won't start)
Screen resolution problem:
It can happen that game could not auto-detect proper resolution. In that case you can set it manually in config.dat file which is in the directory:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Hidden Deep

Use Notepad or any other text editor to edit the file.
Be sure to remove # from beginning of the line you edit.

1. Set the resolution you need, for full HD it should be

2. Setting screen mode to borderless window may help:

3. Save changes and run the game

Problems with Directx:
If the game crashes immediately without showing anything on screen or has frequent crashes during play:

At first ensure you have the latest GPU drivers installed. If yes then follow steps below:

1. Open config.dat file like described above in previous issue
2. Change Directx=9 to Directx=11
(or if there is Directx=11 already and the game is not working try Directx=9 instead)
3. Go to game folder in SteamApps, usually C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Hidden Deep
4. Delete file initlog.txt
5. Save changes
6. Run the game

Important! Directx11 works better in borderless window mode while in full-screen it is sometimes glitchy.

If it is still not working open try this:

1. Install this package:
2. Go to game folder in SteamApps, usually C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Hidden Deep
3. Delete file initlog.txt
4. Run the game

Game was running ok some time ago but now it is crashing:
Sometimes game save files gets corrupted. Enter the directory:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

then rename or move somewhere else or delete folder Hidden Deep
It will cause to loose all your progress but if it works you can send me corrupted directory and I'll get your progress back

Audio Driver problem:
If game won't run or is crashing often try to change audio driver in config.dat file (in the same path like in screen resolution problem above):
- Add hash to the first line in AUDIO DRIVER section. It should be like this:
- Then remove hash from the last line like this:
AudioDriver=FreeAudio DirectSound
- Save the file
- Go to game folder in SteamApps, usually [DRIVE]:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Hidden Deep
- Delete file initlog.txt
- Run the game

Antivirus software problem:
Check if your antivirus software is not blocking hdeep.exe. It should not happen but some software has this problem.
Try to disable antivir for a while and then run hdeep.exe
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Since this recent update. I have been horrible mid screen tearing as i run and alot of frame locking. Im not sure what happened but it just started since the update. Cannot be my hardware.

Edit: Make sure you follow suggestions from OP, also run in windowed, will help fix screen tearing and lost frames.
Laatst bewerkt door HoboBooze; 14 aug 2022 om 9:51
The game crashes my Stardock Fences. Keeps constantly crashing it, and it minimizes every time it crashes Fences, which is like every 5 seconds, so it's basically unplayable, even if I disable Fences, it just keeps minimizing itself without crashing Fences. So it seems to be completely incompatible with Fences. Please fix.
I'm trying to set it to 1440p but it isn't working.
Just purchased and installed. I'm getting and Exception Access Violation message when trying to start the game. I tried rebooting but that didn't solve it. Any ideas?
I just got the game and have more than enough of the required specs to run the game yet everything i do is in slowmotion?
i get exception access violation after about the first 5 or 10 mins of play. when you fire the gun at the first flying creature you come to..
Game still crashiing for me :steamthumbsdown: whathever i do.
Black Screen on startup and crashing after 10 seconds please help
Windows 11 does not work with this game currently. I have done several tests and confirmed that Windows 11 is not supported at this time.
EDIT- it works sometimes but not always
Laatst bewerkt door nova625; 25 jul 2022 om 15:55
Origineel geplaatst door nova625:
Windows 11 does not work with this game currently. I have done several tests and confirmed that Windows 11 is not supported at this time.
What are you seeing exactly? The game starts up for me on Windows 11, but I also run Fences and it's not compatible with that, so it just minimizes.
hello, i want to play Hidden Deep, but when i launch the game, it cant sync with steam cloud, which causes the launch to loop and repeat indefinitely, for this reason i cant play the game. How to fix this? Also, i tried to start game in offline mode andwithout steam cloud sync, it doesnt help.
Laatst bewerkt door Rozy Cosmic; 12 jul 2022 om 9:11
I cant open this game in bordered mode or windowless bordered mode? Any help or suggestions? getting annoyed.
When i start the game, the game icon flashs for 1 sec in taskbar and then nothing happend.
yesturday i play it without any problems.
i try all of you Tips. Nothing works. Cant start the game.
Pls fix it fast with a new update.
Thx :)
Just got some kind of Windows_Exception error? Completely closed the game.
Was in the middle of a Challenge run, random seed, medium, 50 enemies.
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