Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

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Shroo 5.10.2012 kello 11.46
rage quit
hello Rage Quiters(RQ). Can u explain me meaning of your actions in the end of battle: last attack, which will kill, and after new game from same lobby. BUT - u just leave game, instead take revenge!
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It's not rage-quitting to concede a game you can't win. Especially among people who play paper Magic it's considered common courtesy to concede rather than waste peoples' time if you have no way out.
Umaril 7.10.2012 kello 12.06 
If the opponent is needlessly dragging out your my death, then I'll concede. But if its literally quitting just before their creatures swing in for the killing blow I don't see the point, you save what, 5 seconds? It just seems a bit "You didn't win I left" childish basically.

I'm also not one who will go find someone else to play against after every match, I like to play a few rounds with each player, use a few decks and so forth. Sometimes I win every match, sometimes I lose every match, often its in between.

But it is frustrating to have someone quit out then leave the lobby for no reason.
I dont understand the facination with players needing to see the killing stoke.
If you win, you win. Why get upset when others conceed?

Ask yourself why.

Is it a need to show off? Do you feel the need to "stick it" to your opponent and if they conceed does that rob you of that?

I for one love when an opponent conceeds. Fast end to an inevitable win. And fast to my next game.

So when a player conceeds in your next game and you get mad, ask yourself why?
Did you want them to SEE you win? Or a need to "make them pay!". Is that it? Im not sure but players who are like that are kinda sick folk to me.

Its just a game right?
Umaril 11.10.2012 kello 6.49 
I think the point is that all that logic can be turned back on the "quitter"

You are right as well, but only for one half of the story.

Just because someone concedes, it doesn't automatically mean they're doing it out of noble reasons, like just shortening your inevitable win so you can play again from the top.

If you spend any amount of time in any game you'll find people who bail out as soon as things look like they're not going their way, I've had people concede in the first handful of turns because they didn't get the lands they wanted, or because they just had a bad starting hand and it didn't turn around quickly, or because I've had a particularly good starting hand and have got some good things out early on.

In situations like that, early in the game, there is often a way out with a bit of luck.

My point is it can go either way with conceding. If its just as someone swings in for the last attack, leaving seems childish, like walking off a pitch in the 89th minute, even if you are 3-0 down. If its a decent chunk into the match and you feel you are totally beaten then fair enough, particularly if the opponent is just "showing off" by building up his win margin before making the kill. But if its when the match has hardly started ... to use Football again that's like walking off in the first 10 minutes.
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Shroo 11.10.2012 kello 8.14 
lol) I mean rage quit at final blow. About 5-10 sec to end
There should be a conceide option, where the opponent recieve a message like "your opponent wants to yield, do you accept ?".

Also, I'm kind of new at the multiplayer. Is there a way to conceide a game and play again against the same opponent ?
GB EX 7.11.2012 kello 17.36 
I have to agree with 210Paul. I feel the issue is "Finishing what you started/Seeing things through to the end" instead of just going "Well, I'm losing, so I give up".
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