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aiden maaaaaan! 2013년 2월 14일 오후 1시 41분
what is this? it looks pretty cool.
this looks pretty cool... is this worth my time/money?
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Kindsaza 2013년 2월 19일 오후 12시 19분 
Brad 2013년 2월 19일 오후 12시 33분 
the game isnt worth the 10 dollars but i have to say the customer service is something i never seen. he actually cares about his game every forum post on here he comments on it as soon as possible see for your self
404_Not_Found 2013년 2월 20일 오전 10시 08분 
It's on sale right now and I'd recommend it if you like sandbox phisics games, it's kind of fun to just try and be as huge as possible and there are missions you can do but they aren't mandatory.

Probably not your thing if you do not like objective-lacking games though.
KittenCanaveral 2013년 2월 24일 오후 7시 37분 
I have found the game enjoyable, but every one likes something a little different - try the demo for yourself.
The Sparkstar Scope 2013년 2월 27일 오전 8시 11분 
I don't think it's exactly worth the full price. It's good, plays fine, but it gets boring quick. I suggest to try the Demo first, since it's basically the same game, only without missions.
[Messerchmitt] Meerkat 2013년 2월 27일 오후 4시 36분 
it is not boring, it is something like meditation and artwork in one, if you want to know more about it view films on the youtube about it
[Messerchmitt] Meerkat님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 2월 27일 오후 4시 36분
Sir Nigel 2013년 2월 28일 오후 12시 48분 
it is funny, really worth it.
You have got alot of tasks to complete lol
Deathwurm102 2013년 3월 1일 오전 4시 19분 
I'm loving the game! Everyone's tastes are different, but I really find it very relaxing and very well done...makes a nice break if you're playing a high-action quick paced shooter or something like that.
Azrael 2013년 3월 5일 오후 11시 53분 
You can get it now from the current Humble Indie Bundle, including others nice games, for at least $1.00 (to get them with Steam keys):
Azrael님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 3월 5일 오후 11시 56분
Jetstream Sam 2013년 3월 6일 오전 10시 36분 
If you want it you should get it from the humble bundle were u only have to pay $1 for the steam versions a link to the humble bundle is here:
aiden maaaaaan! 2013년 3월 6일 오전 10시 37분 
i know what the humble bundle iis :3 but thx ;D
ShockTitan 2013년 3월 8일 오전 11시 48분 
Go to and you'll get it for a fantastic price. I bought 6 different indie-style games for only 6 bucks, because you can choose how much you pay and how much of it goes to Charity. It only lasts about 2 weeks, though.
Adeptguy 2013년 3월 8일 오전 11시 49분 
i certainly hope nobody will take the $1 seriously, cuz its basicially stealing/pirating for $1... $10 is okay :D cuz i paid that much for it
Sage Beltane 2013년 3월 8일 오후 7시 41분 
Personally, I really love this game. I find it challenging and relaxing at the same time. If FPS is your thing and you are not really into indie games, then it might not satisfy you, but I could see myself paying $10 for it.
Tim Timsen 2013년 3월 8일 오후 8시 01분 
The game is a lot of fun after you get familiar with the controls, but after beating the story and the challenges and after getting all achievements, its replayability reaches 0.
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1-1544개 댓글 표시
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