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Adding Mesh Colliders in Unity

How do you guys assign mesh colliders to all the meshes and sub-meshes at once (when importing a fbx from Maquette to Unity)?
I tried to check the box 'generate colliders' on my imported fbx inspector window but then I loose materials it seems ...

Any help much appreciated!
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Hi alecz1k,

Our Unity Editor Addon do not currently generate mesh colliders automatically in the imported prefab. In future updates, we could consider adding a button to add mesh colliders to a selected object in the Unity editor hierarchy view.

Meanwhile, I tested and found a simple way to do this in the Unity editor:

1. Create an empty scene.
2. Drag in the model you want to add mesh colliders into the scene.
3. In the "search" field of the Hierarchy tab, change the search target to be "Type".
4. Type in "Mesh Renderer", this will find all GameObjects that have a Mesh Renderer attached.
5. Select all search results.
6. In the inspector tab on the right, click "Add Component" and add a Mesh Renderer. This will add to all GameObjects you selected which also have Mesh Renderers on them.
7. Now you can keep working with the GameObject, or make a new prefab from it.

Thanks for your feedback!
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Showing 1-1 of 1 comments
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