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VirginRedemption  [developer] Oct 23, 2019 @ 3:22am
What to expect during and after Early Access
What can you expect from the current version ?

The game features around 2-4 hours of gameplay depending on your skills and willingness to explore its content.

We consider art direction as final and core game mechanics are in place.

As an Early Access version, we are aware there are both major and minor bugs in the build.

Our priority in the following days and weeks will be to make sure those bugs are ironed out and you can experience the game up to its end. As of today, the build is solid but in edge cases, blockers can be found. Also expect quite a few updates on Steam.

If you want to help us out with testing and reporting bugs please follow those threads:


Suggestion and Feedback

Bugs and Technical Issues

What we plan to improve from here?

As an Early Access version, we know things are not perfect and we already have a lot planned on our side until final release. Here is an overview of what we plan to do.

  • Add new powers
  • Tweak current powers
  • Tweak upgrade system
  • Improve arena battles (visibility, spawn, feedback)
  • Quests system

  • Fix invisible collision issues
  • Improve overall juiciness of the game
  • Improve character animations and transitions (NPCs, main character)
  • Refine the Fox FX
  • Work on transitions
  • Work on cameras
  • Add new FXs

  • Many improvements to be made on menus

  • Integrate adaptive difficulty
  • Tweak speed, damage and behaviors of enemies

  • Make the gameplay elements on the 2D map more visible
  • Work on the level design to make paths and understanding of levels clearer

  • 2 more biomes each featuring their own unique environment
  • Complementary powers
  • More NPCs and villages

  • Add new and more variety to current SFXs
  • Add new and more music themes

  • Initial and prologue to the story (why and how Rosalind gets in the world)
  • Intro / Cinematics
  • Voice Over
  • Tweaks texts and dialogues
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