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for2questions  [developer] Oct 1, 2018 @ 5:41am
Complete changelog!
- first public build

- fixed motors buttons
- fixed camera moving

- fixed blue screen (not bsod =))
- fixed too loud sounds
- fixed bolt rotation
- changed light on test prototype
- added social links

- changed connection of parts
- changed moving and rotation of parts
- changed moving and rotation of models
- changed some sounds
- added radio buttons
- added flags
- added rounds
- added standart cursor icon
- added cursor icons for moving and rotation
- added some new steam achievements
- added tutorial videos in F1
- fixed light
- don't need to reexit to load saved model
- checkboxes can be clicked
- changed some materials
- shooting with left mouse button
- camera follows a model when gravity is enabled
- hundred forty seven bugs fixed

- added backup system

- changed title "Sensitivity" to "Camera rotation speed"
- changed aspect ratio of the main menu camera
- changed camera moving
- changed tutorial for boltogun
- changed cancel button functionality

- added "Fix the part" item
- added the ability to delete the whole model on scene
- added the ability to delete saved model
- added auto backup option
- added auto camera option
- added highlighted motor buttons
- added saving motor buttons (with gravity and in saved model)
- added sound for lamp
- added shadows for Ok/cancel buttons
- added indiedb link

- fixed the bug with disappearing model
- fixed z button in shooting mode
- fixed the bug with flag on rampas
- fixed C button with whole model
- fixed bug with long bolts collider
- fixed: "y" from the previous rewrite prompt appears in the new save name box.
- fixed: "Seems like an attempt is made to keep you from driving off the table, except you can drive right off the back end of the table by the curtains."
- fixed: "Driving up onto the empty display box on the table LAUNCHED my model way into the air."

- esc closes F1, video tutorial
- esc works in main menu
- F1 closes tutorial notice
- social buttons work only in main menu
- camera looks at selected part or bolt in gravity mode

- upgrading to unity 5
- added steam workshop support
- added full tutorial
- added confined cursor to the game window
- added description for saved model
- added name and description renaming
- added check for the integrity of the saved model
- added model save time
- added some new sounds
- added 45 degree alignment
- added two new videos in F1 (hot to use steam workshop + 7 ways to turn the model)
- added 10 new rounds with new obstacles
- optimized saved models menu
- improved messages window
- fixed 134 bugs
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