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[SOLVED] Linux - locks pulse sink?
I don't get sound! The game is selecting the _not_ default pulse audio sink (sound card). Can't change the game to use the correct one on the fly because things are locked... never seen this before... DONT_MOVE is new to me

$ pacmd list-sink-inputs
>>> 1 sink input(s) available.
index: 38
driver: <protocol-native.c>

$ pacmd move-sink-input 38 2
>>> Moved failed.

advice? -- Developers can you not lock the source to the sink or provide some configuration? -- Is thiere anything I can do with openAL configurations?
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cprince  [Entwickler] 16. Feb. 2013 um 1:14 
I have no idea; normally it all "just works" unless you've twiddled something or have some sort of exotic configuration. We use OpenALSoft for sound and there might be configuration settings you can specify for OpenALSoft... I'm probably more lost than you are though!
Cavii 17. Feb. 2013 um 7:45 
Thank you! That was more than enough for me to sort things out, thank you for the port!

# Create a config file for openalsoft that allows the source to move # but still uses the wrong default # ~/.alsoftrc [pulse] allow-moves=yes

# Finding the config file and options like a "mannly man" git clone git:/ grep -R DONT_MOVE * vim Alc/backends/pulseaudio.c grep -R GetConfigValueBool * vim openal-soft/Alc/alcConf.c
cprince  [Entwickler] 17. Feb. 2013 um 9:21 
Nice one, well done :)
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