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Brassqund Nov 7, 2018 @ 4:05pm
[Mods] Get more hungy mods (HungryHungry and HungryHungrier mods)
I made two mods.
Both of them got the same goal: Making it harder to keep yourself feed
by changing different things in the game. If you want a slightly harder
hunger system, HungryHungry is for you. If this is still too easy,
you may like HungryHungrier. You just need one of them.

-Your hunger increase slightly faster in general and even more when doing heavy task (running, mining etc)
-Berries restore less hunger and less health (40% less)
-Bushes drop less berries
-Less berries bushes will spawn in open area and below trees
-Meat restore slightly less hunger and health (16% less hunger restoration, 20% less life)

Same modifications as HungryHungry but:
-Hunger increase even more quickly
-Meat restore slightly less hunger and health
(23% less hunger restoration, 25% less hp vs not modded)
-Racid meat restore slightly less hunger
-Easy to kill animals spawn a little less
-Some animals drop less meat on kill
-Berries bushes spawn got reduced a little more
-Some berries bushes can drop 1 more plant matter



Extract the folder in your mod folder.
Start the game and activate the mode when

If you got any comment, question of bug repport, don't hesitate.
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