Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

DakpanGames Dec 29, 2013 @ 3:47am
Why i like this game

I wanted to make a post, to tell the developers what i like about this game, and also what i think that needs to be improved.

The things i like :

Sounds :
I really love the sounds, every car has his own sounds! every sound is different and it means something.
This is one of the reasons i am getting addicted to this game.

Abilities :
The abilities are really funny and given a good thought, every car has his advantages and disadvantages and there still really equel to eachother.

Artificial Intelligence :
The AI is well made, no problems with the movement of the AI, they are hard to play against when you play on hard mode, and easy on, yeah easy mode.
Not that many games i know have this made really well, most have just reduced the game time, or improved the health of the AI.

The things i think that need to be improved :

Physics :
When you bump in to an anthill the car goes flying into the air, thats really strange it shouldn't even feel the bump.
I think that needs to be improved because the Double Rainbow achievement is really hard because i bump into every little anthill that i can't even see.

Crashing server :
When you want to play with 5 friends and press start, the game crashes most of the time.
We found out that if you talked in the chat, switched a car with 2 players at the same time or shift+tabbed out the game while loading, i hope this can be fixed because this has cost me hours of play time.

Shift+Tab for Steam Window/ Alt + Tab for Windows :
I tried to use shift+tab in the multiplayer and Alt + Tab but most the time the game crashes. out of nowhere and everything i done is gone.

I hope this will help the developers to get some ideas :)