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Bonne  [developer] Sep 12 @ 11:50am
Hero Mode: Setting attributes and events
Hey there,

the question came up what attributes and events the different settings can bring in Hero Mode, so I decided to make a list, so you can easily look it up if you don't want to learn it the hard way ingame :D

Attributes: Monster get periodic damage due to the heat when too long on the map.
Quicksand - Quicksand downed a monster and made your life easier.

Attributes: Towers have 20% less range.
Tree drops - A tree drops. All monsters that want to pass the tree have to wait until it has been removed.

Attributes: None.
Mole Tunnel - Some fields are undermined by moles causing the first tower built on the slot to be destroyed. After that the field can be build on.
Griffon - The griffon appears from time to time and catches a monster on the map as prey he then carries away.

Attributes: Undead monsters get a 25% HP bonus
Skeleton appeared - A skeleton appeared. The skeleton is way stronger than a normal monster of this wave, but therefore gives a lot more gold.

Attributes: Status changes last 25% longer or have a higher chance.
Frozen Treasure - The treasure defrosts automatically during the game, but that takes some waves. But then you will gain an additional item.

Attributes: Towers get 25% more range, monsters are 25% faster, monster get periodic damage when too long on the map.
Burried Treasure - You found a burried treasure on this spot and got additional gold.

Attributes: Monsters can get stuck for two seconds from time to time.
Ghost Light - The ghost light disappears again after a while, but while on the map it attracts every fire.
Gas Bubble - Gas bubbles raise from time to time and are sensitive against fire. With it the can be blown up which causes a lot of damage in their range.
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stretch611 Sep 13 @ 10:37am 
Great list... Thank you.

Does the undead with 25% bonus in graveyard include the vampire and or other shadow elements?
Bonne  [developer] Sep 13 @ 4:44pm 
I need to look it up tomorrow, not sure about it, but when thinking about it probably yes. I don't think I treat them differently and as soon as a monster is tagged undead (and Vampire and Demon Lord should be undead) they receive the bonus.
Bonne  [developer] Sep 15 @ 1:06am 
Checked it and as I assmued, they are affected by this bonus.
Other than the skeleton and the buried treasure, is there anything that manipulates the amount of gold on a level? (and honestly, if the skeleton just gives the same proportion of gold as other spawns based on its relative strength, I really wouldn't consider that manipulative.)

I seem to remember one of the tower descriptions saying that it adjusts to the amount of gold on a level. (It may be the money tower, but it may just be my memory and possibly thinking of a different game.)
Bonne  [developer] Sep 20 @ 1:13am 
The skeleton is worth more gold than the usual monsters on this wave, so it gives a bonus, but is also stronger.

Except of items (fabled pot of gold, lucky coin purse and the treasure) and monster abilities (piggybank, hydra and resurrection) only money tower gives some gold bonus (every monster that passes it drops x% of its gold). The taxman tower just scales its damage with the available gold.
ahh... so no gold difference based on area/biome.

But now that you mention the money tower... If a monster is teleported and passes the money tower a second time. does he drop gold a second time? And you called it a bonus... so I assume when you kill the monster he returns 100% of his normal gold total... even if he dropped 10% when he passed the money tower.
Bonne  [developer] Sep 20 @ 3:21am 
You get the bonus just once per monster (even with multiple money towers), and on death you get the 100%, so the bonus is really a bonus ;)
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