Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth

=Snappy= Oct 5, 2017 @ 4:28pm
Ruthlessness ... any more info on how it really works?
Trying to get golds for achievement, just did a Baghdad Mayhem Rearmed, killed every single tower .... and got silver. And I'm hot lol.

Even went out of my way to airstrike a few loners at the end.

Theories as to why it didn't work:

1) airstriking is bad; only towers u kill w/ units count? I killed all the annoying respawn towers and charm towers w/ airstrikes. so about 20 (?) of those. + about 7 basic gun towers at the end. + anywhere from 2 to i guess maybe 5 (?) towers killed by collateral dmg.

18 waves X ~20 towers per wave = 360 towers. I read elsewhere that "95%" is the magic # for getting these golds. So, that would allow me to miss 18 towers. I missed zero, but I probably killed > that many w/ airstrikes. Shrug. Degenerate criteria, if this is why it failed. "Be ruthless, but not 'nuke them from orbit' ruthless." No.

2) speed aka directness is somehow related? i did "take my time" and use about 4 minutes to kill each wave. obviously some running around is required when you want to kill as many towers as possible each wave cuz you THINK you're going for the *%@&!$ gold medal. :P

3) efficiency is somehow related? I did lose a few units.

So yeah, Ruthlessness Silver was the only medal I got.

4) another absolutely degenerate possibility I just considered, although I rly don't think this has come into play on any of the previous Ruthlessness golds: you're intended to [del]use[/del] exploit the respawn towers to "artificially" create more enemies to kill. So you can be more ruthless.

Any help appreciated. TY.
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