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Q: Which platforms will World of Myths be available on?
A: We are currently only on PC, however, we plan to release a mobile version shortly after the open Early Access on Steam.

Q: How can I get access to the game?
A: You can sign up for a Steam key on our website ( We are sending new batches of keys regularly.

Q: I received a "key" for World of Myths - how do I use it to play the game?
A: You can enter your key by logging into Steam and clicking "Games" (the top menu) -> "Activate a Product on Steam". Here's a helpful video if you're still lost - .

Q: Where can I download World of Myths?
A: We are currently only available through Steam. Our store page is here - .

Q: What is the state of the game?
A: We are currently in closed Alpha for all that entails - most of the game's core functionality is in the game. There are big features that we will be adding (new game modes, new mythologies etc) as well as areas like sound effects, visual effects, voice acting that we would love to improve.

Q: What is the goal of the closed Alpha?
A: Mainly to give us the time to polish the game and the opportunity to improve it with your feedback. If you feel like a feature is missing or something could become better by being changed, we'd love to hear from you!

Q: I found a bug! Where do I report it?
A: We highly appreciate your desire to help! You can report bugs in #bug-report and we'll add them to the list. A member of the team will get in touch with you if we require additional information about it.

Q: Why is Quality of Life(QoL) feature XXX missing?
A: We are in closed Alpha. We are working on adding new features every day. If you feel that something is missing - don't hesitate to propose it. We have a list of upcoming Quality of Life (QoL) improvements right below this post.

Q: Will accounts be reset/deleted?
A: There is currently no plan to reset/delete accounts - unless something very unexpected happens your progress from this point on is here to stay. On the very, very slim chance that a reset happens, all users will be compensated accordingly.

Q: Why should I care about this Discord?
A: In short - because your feedback really matters to us. Most of the important decisions that we have made were heavily influenced by our community. We really appreciate your time and guarantee that everything you say will be read and considered by our team. If we feel that you've actively contributed, you may also receive in-game rewards at or even before our official release.

Q: What are the PreLaunch Challenges?
A: These were a series of competition-style events where our team engaged with the community in an effort to rapidly improve the game with their help. They are long-over, but we've kept them as an archive for the future.


Q: What is the maximum hand size?
A: 10

Q: What is the minimum deck size?
A: 30 (keep in mind this is also the *maximum* deck size). You can have 2 copies of a card in your deck unless it is a Mythical card which you can have only 1 copy of.

Q: What is a Leader?
A: When you build your deck you choose your Mythology but you also choose your God-Leader. During a game of World of Myths, the Leader will stay on his Pedestal and support you with their special ability. However when in dire need you can summon on Leader on the battlefield and attack/defend with them. Be careful though - the Leaders can be attacked just like Temples and if your Leader dies - you lose the game. The Leader will get back to his pedestal on your next turn.

Q: How many leaders are there per Mythology?
A: Currently 4.

Q: What is a Temple?
A: The Temples are unique game entities that you attack to win the game. Each player has 3 Temples and each Temple give different spoils (rewards) if you win an attack for it.

Q: What is the goal of the game?
A: Each player has 3 Temples. Your goal is to destroy all 3 of your opponent's Temples or kill his Leader.

Q: How do you play the game?
A: Quite simple actually. Once you have played some units onto the battlefield you can attack your opponent's Temples. You do that by choosing attackers (you can choose more than 1) and then choosing which Temple you want to attack. Then your opponent can block your attack by choosing defenders in a similar manner. We then just compare the total attack power vs the total defence power and deal damage to the Temple. An important thing to notice - there are no battles between the individual units. They attack as a team/ground and defend as a team/group.

Q: What types of cards are there?
A: Units, Spells and Leaders.

Q: What are the characteristics of a card?
A: 1. Cost to play (Top left corner of the card). Measured in Faith.
2. Power (On the left of the card name). The Unit's power is used in both attack and defence.
3. Endurance (The green orbs on the right of the card's frame). The Unit's Endurance represents in how many battles that unit can participate both as an attacker or defender before dying. At the end of each battle a Unit has participated it will lose 1 Endurance.

Q: How much Faith (mana) do you start with?
A: 3

Q: What happens when you run out of cards (in your deck)?
A: Your Leader will lose 2 HP for each card you try to draw and are unable to.

Q: What is Wing? What is Center? What are the keywords in the game?
A: Here's a list of all of our keywords:

Rush - This unit does not have "summoning sickness" and can attack immediately.
Reinforcement - This unit can be played during your Defense Phase. It also will not have "summoning sickness" (and can defend/attack immediately) if played during the Defense Phase.
Summon - The effect activates when this unit is played from your hand.
Deathstare - The effect activates when this unit goes to the graveyard (dies).
Challenge - While this unit is attacking alone, only one defender can be declared.
Bushido - The effect is active while this unit is attacking alone.
Raid - The effect is active while this unit is attacking with at least one other unit (a.k.a. not attacking alone).
Center - The effect is active while this unit is positioned between 2 other units (so you need a minimum of 3 units on the battlefield).
Flank - The effect is active while this unit is on the left-most or right-most side of your board and there is at least 1 other unit on your board (so you need a minimum of 2 units on the battlefield).
Ethereal - When this card would enter the graveyard, remove it from the game instead.

Q: What do I do during my turn?
A: During your turn, you will first defend (if there is an attack upon any of your Temples or Leader) and then you can summon units and attack.
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