Battle for Graxia

Battle for Graxia

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Koger Jan 31, 2013 @ 1:47am
Game Update January 31st
Several tweaks to the UI and balance changes in this update. Here's the notes ahead of tomorrow's update:


- New immortal preview window in manage immortals and tactical picking
- Tooltips for signatures now display their gains with tactical level
- Fix for inventory full message not being displayed when potion inventory full
- Fix for spawned objects with particles causing FOW to be visually revealed.
- Crystalline Construct Buff: Spirit Vamp removed, Heal boost removed
- Improved consistency of neutral monster buff descriptions. All buffs now clearly state the name of the buff, exactly what stats are affected, and by how much
- Added owned/not owned filter to immortal store. Also added can/can't purchase filter to skin store
- Fix for immortal being duplicated when wrapping to new row in tactical picking screen
- Show numbers in set bonus status effect icons
- Canceling a team/custom match will inform all players that the match has been canceled


- Stinger Karapyss polish
- Tzai effects polish



- Undine now dances, plus animation polish on flail, summon and taunt animations
- The burst particle visual for Undine's Q,E and R now check brush so it doesn't show to enemy
- Undine's signature ability has better coverage


- Pycon's Rending Throw: Damage at later ranks reduced from 45/70/105/150/195 to 45/70/100/135/175
- Pycon's Herculean Rampage: Range reduced from 225 to 210


- Fix for Talia's Q in offense mode triggering 2 AOE explosions on upgraded Composite Bow
- Fix for Tendon Shredder triggering on-weapon-hit effect on structures.


- Fix for Laceration Post triggering on-weapon-hit effect if target is killed from weapon damage


- Tooltip fixes for Nysuss E (Soul Shield).
- Hellfire arrow adds particles to Nysuss based on how many consecutive hits she has done


- Tooltip fixes for Vezin Q


- Tooltip fixes for Karapyss Q


- Tooltip fixes for Netheurgist W