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How to install Wulfen texture pack...?
Can't find this anywhere, I've tried everything. Driving me nuts.

I finally got sikkmod to work widescreen but the texture pack does nothing. No one says the same thing. Some say putting it in the doom 3 root folder. Then in the base folder. Then in the sikk folder. Tried manually extracting materials, textures, etc... NOTHING WORKS. It's always ugly, low-res.

How do you get those hi-res textures to work??
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Frockwot 3.11.2012 kello 23.34 
I believe you put the wulfen textures .pak files in the sikkmod directory
Did that. Didn't work. I think my files were incorrect because I re-downloaded another version from the Sticky thread, and now it works.
M.D. Chaos 23.11.2012 kello 19.33 
Doesnt it tell you in the notes?
You might have installed it fine. Textures are just downscaled due to broken cvars (same issue with bad resolution of original textures). Like here.
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