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Sutek 2013年1月26日上午6:10
Lost mission for DooM 3?
Is there a chance to get the Lost Mission campaign for the original DooM 3 as a DLC? Doesn't feel right to have to pay twice for the same game just to play a campaign that was intended to be on the original release.
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GrimWeafer 2013年2月4日下午9:11 
I would search for a mod or unoffical DLC pack, I too would like to enjoy the extra content but not at 29.99
Bisbin 2013年2月7日上午3:49 
Don't get too worked up about it. Played through it on the BFG edition when I rented for Xbox 360. It's very lack-luster, and adds nothing story wise. It's just a small level pack for Doom 3. There are mods available that are superior.
Megafont 2013年2月15日上午2:01 
Yea its pretty stupid the way they set this whole thing up. Way to smack your fanbase in the face there. I mean, the loyal fans are the ones who likely have all the games already. And then they say, you want this new content, buy it all again. Pretty lame. Even lamer when the updates are subpar and already done better by the mod community. I'm not overly concerned about it, but it annoys me because its pretty low on their part.

If they were smart they would've given it at a discount to people who already own the game. Then they would've got a little money from me. But instead they get nothing since I won't buy it again at full price. Brilliant business strategy guys... Lets tick off the people most likely to buy the product. lol
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Frockwot 2013年2月26日下午8:36 
If it was id, I'm sure they would've offered the lost mission as a DLC. But Bethesda is the one calling the shots, and they want revenue. They knew a lot of people wouldn't buy a "remastered" version of the game unless they added a bonus.

And to clarify the OP, the lost mission was never originally part of the original Doom 3 game. It was merely id Software having "last minute ideas" to take the RAGE engine and create a small expansion to the Doom 3 game to see what the engine is capable of, thus, the more action-oriented Lost Mission.
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