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Something I've never understoud (Major spoilers, do not read if you've not beaten the game.)
There is something I have never understoud about the storyline of Doom 3. It would seem that the chief characters in Doom 3 are immune to being corrupted by the demonic presence. The is shown to be the case not only with The Marine, but also supporting characters like Elliot Swann and Jack Campbell. My initial interpertation of this is that it is because these characters represent a kind of goodness, an apparent incorruptibility, and it would imply that most characters who turn into evil creatures have some shade of evil in their heart, or a weak-willedness of sorts. It would seem that this is what determines who turns evil and who doesn't. I have always felt that Sgt. Kelly is a good, honorable, and strong willed man, so it puzzles me as to why his character later becomes corrupted and turned against the player like so many others. There are a couple of natural explanations, maybe he's evil behind the scenes, or corrupt in some way, but I really don't think this is true of him. He really seems to be a noble and good character, so why does he wind up turning? And, if someone good CAN be turned evil, why does Betruger not try to corrupt the player who is impeding his progress in the subjugation of the human race? Anyone have any theorys?(Before you argue that Kelly is secretly evil, keep in mind the reason why I think he is not, he DOES help the player for a very large portion of the game, giving him advice, telling him the right places to go, and he generally helps to impede the progress of the demon invasion for a very long period of time.)
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Sabaoth 19.5.2014 kello 8.50 
Interesting, did you also ever notice how "randomly" lights turn on, just to show ammo or health?

At some point you enter a room and 2 pinky's come from the side of the room, once you have killed them, a mop crashes trough the window.The door on the right is locked, so if the mop wouldnt have come crashing trough the window, you wouldve been stuck.

There is also this one occasion in the start of a level where 2 bright orange eyes wink, and when you come close they go down behind a stack of boxes, and behind those boxes are some armor shards.

There are maybe a few more of those things, but these are the ones that i can remember.
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I had never noticed the orange eyes winking thing before. I'll be sure to look for that on future playthroughs. Did this happen in Doom3 or Ressurection of Evil?
Sabaoth 22.5.2014 kello 14.01 
pretty sure its doom3
Sabaoth 22.5.2014 kello 14.13 
just checked it out, if you load alpha labs 4, you should see the 2 yellow/orange eyes right infront of you next to some stacke crates, when you walk up to it you will hear a reversed female inhale, and the eyes go down and behind the crates are some armor shards
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